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Meet the Team

The water@leeds team comprises over 200 professionals from across the different departments and faculties of the University of Leeds, ensuring a cross-section of expertise and different disciplinary backgrounds.

NameSchoolAreas of expertise
Dr Salma AlarefiSchool of Electronic and Electrical EngineeringRenewable energy; Solar power; Hydroelectric power; Energy management & control for renewables; Sustainable engineering development
Dr Richard AnsellSchool of Chemistrychemical sensors; molecular recognition; nanostructured materials; molecularly imprinted polymers; templated materials; modified electrodes and photoelectrodes; electroorganic synthesis
Dr Nir ArielliSchool of HistoryAreas of expertise: the Arab-Israeli conflict; the human history of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea; International relations in Europe and the Middle East, 1919-1948; transnational participation in conflicts in the modern era.
David AshleySchool of GeographyChemical analysis, Experimental design support, Fieldwork support for research, Methods development, COSHH compliance
Professor Eric AtwellSchool of ComputingArtificial intelligence ; language ; computing ; linguistics ; machine learning ; data mining ; natural language processing ; text analytics : English Arabic Quran Religious health, medical, autism
Dr James AultSchool of Molecular and Cellular BiologyStructural Mass Spectrometry
Dr Tracy AzeSchool of Earth and Environmentmicropalaeontology, oceanography, palaeobiology, palaeoclimatology, palaeoceanography
Dr Peyman BabakhaniSchool of Earth and Environment reactive Transport, colloid transport, colloid stability, colloid aggregation, numerical modelling, machine learning, environmental nanotechnology
Dr Akintunde BabatundeSchool of Civil Engineeringwater and wastewater treatment, constructed wetlands
Professor Andy BairdSchool of GeographyWetland science; peatlands; ecohydrology; carbon cycle of peatlands; computer modelling of peatland hydrology and peatland development
Dr Jess BakerSchool of Earth and Environmentclimate; tropical forest; land-atmosphere interactions; water cycles
Professor Steven BanwartSchool of Earth and EnvironmentWeathering of rock and minerals to deliver solutes to drainage waters in catchments and river basins, biogeochemistry and natural biodegradation of hydrocarbon pollution in groundwater aquifers
Professor Natasha BarlowSchool of Earth and Environmentsea-level change; climate change; coasts; offshore environments; environmental responses to flooding
Finn Barlow-DuncanSchool of Geography Brokers relationships between scientists, undertaking catchment management research, develops co-designed projects.
Dr Paul BealesSchool of Chemistrybiomolecular self-assembly; membrane biophysics; bionanotechnology; soft matter and biological physics; bottom-up synthetic biology; nanomedicine; nanotoxicology; vesicle technologies; hydrogels
Dr Maria BegerSchool of BiologyMaria is a quantitative marine ecologist and conservation scientist integrating field data, spatial models and decision science to find conservation solutions that link theory and practice.
Professor David BellSchool of Geographycultural policy; urban and rural cultures; consumption (especially food and drink); hospitality; media geographies; sexuality and space; cultural studies.
Professor Tim BentonSchool of Biologyfood systems; sustainability; climate change; ecology; evolution; agriculture; policy; biodiverisity; population dynamics
Dr Christian BerrettaSchool of Civil Engineeringwater sensitive urban design; sustainable drainage systems (SuDS); pluvial flood; point source (CSOs) and diffuse pollution; green infrastructures; sustainable water management in developing countries
Dr Mohsen BesharatSchool of Civil EngineeringTwo-phase pressurised flows; application of different numerical models (Elastic, Rigid, CFD, etc) in simulations of adverse transient effects; protective devices such as air valves and air vessels for hydraulic pressurised systems; improving the sustainability of infrastructures through improving the energy efficiency or offering new energy storage solutions
Dr Ajay BhaveSchool of Earth and Environment, Sustainability Research Instituteclimate change adaptation, decision making under uncertainty, water security in the Global South
Professor Cathryn BirchSchool of Earth and Environmentweather and climate extremes; tropical meteorology; convection-permitting models; climate impacts (flooding, health, agriculture); weather and flood forecasting; early warning systems
Dr Pam BirtillSchool of PsychologyLearning; Reward; Food preferences; Fussy eating
Professor Richard BlackburnSchool of DesignSustainability; textile chemistry; textile coloration; textile finishing; chemistry; dyes; dyeing; polymers; cosmetics; green chemistry; food colorants; hair dyes; natural products; cellulose
Dr Antony BlundellSchool of GeographyUpland catchment management
Dr Steven BoeingSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAtmospheric convection
Dr Stephanie BondSchool of GeographyGIS and hydrological modelling
Dr Adam BoothSchool of Earth and Environmentnear-surface geophysics; reflection seismology; ground-penetrating radar; glaciology; archaeology; data processing; field geophysics
Dr Duncan BormanSchool of Civil Engineeringcomputational fluid dynamics; environmental flows; multiphase flow, mathematical modelling; hydraulic modelling; wastewater modelling; bioreactor modelling
Professor Simon BottrellSchool of Earth and EnvironmentUse of stable isotope and geochemical tracers in geology, hydrogeology and ecosystems; particular strength in contaminant behaviour, fate and biodegradation in terrestrial and groundwater environments
Professor Denise BowerSchool of Civil EngineeringStrategic infrastructure advisory; project and programme management; capital programme planning reviews; procurement strategies; institutional capability development
Professor Lee BrownSchool of Geographyaquatic ecology; river ecosystems; biodiversity; food webs; ecosystem processes; alpine; arctic; peatlands; environmental-flows
Dr Andy BrownSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringNanoparticles and analytical electron microscopy
Helena BrownSchool of Earth and EnvironmentUndertaking field based sampling and laboratory analysis of sediment and water column samples and advising lab users on equipment use, laboratory techniques and sample analysis.
Dr Ian BurkeSchool of Earth and Environmentenvironmental geochemistry; radionuclide behavior; contaminated land; metal contaminants; alkaline wastes; EXAFS; SEM/TEM; geomicrobiology
Dr Miller Alonso Camargo-ValeroSchool of Civil Engineeringwastewater treatment systems; sewage and faecal sludge management; microalgal technology; recovery of resources from organic waste; and associated environmental impacts
Professor Michael CardwellSchool of LawAgricultural law, including European Union and world trade aspects.
Professor Chris CarrSchool of DesignTextile science and technology, textile chemistry, colouration, finishing, historical textiles and conservation science, surface chemistry, recycling, new fibres and healthcare textiles.
Dr Rachael CarrieSchool of Earth and Environmentrelationships between aquatic systems and society; links between rural livelihoods and natural resource use; environmental monitoring and assessment.
Dr Jonathan CarrivickSchool of GeographyGeomorphology, specifically cold climate earth surface processes and landforms and high-magnitude fluvial processes (glacial outburst floods and bedrock channels).
Dr Laura CarterSchool of Geographysoil; pharmaceuticals; emerging contaminants; uptake; fate; sorption; plants; earthworms
Professor Andy ChallinorSchool of Earth and Environment climate impacts; climate change; food security; food production
Professor Pippa ChapmanSchool of Geographyland and water management; ecosystem services; soil science; sustainable agriculture; water quality; peatlands; carbon cycle; nitrogen and phosphorus cycling; dissolved organic carbon; climate change
Professor Martin ClarkeSchool of GeographyGeographic modelling
Dr Henry ClarkeSchool of Languages, Cultures and SocietiesRoman history and archaeology; local identity; cultural change; the relationship between human society and the natural environment in antiquity, with a specific focus on the Durius River Valley in the Iberian Peninsula
Dr Santiago ClericiSchool of GeographyTree ring analysis; Cellulose extractions; Stable isotope analysis; Fieldwork support for research
Dr Josh CohenSchool of Performance and Cultural IndustriesWater; climate change; South Africa; landscape; medicinal plants; ways of knowing.
Emeritus Professor Chris CollierSchool of Earth and EnvironmentNCAS Head of Strategic Partnerships; Chair of Atmospheric Science
Emma CowanSchool of Geographycommunity engagement, climate change, sustainability, nature based solutions and fresh water contamination
Dr Charlie DannreutherSchool of Politics and International StudiesEU politics and policy; UK and EU politics; BREXIT; SME policy; international political economy; Regulation Theory; phenomenology; value theory; financial crisis; infrastructure
Dr David DawsonSchool of Civil Engineeringresilience; infrastructure; transport; climate change; adaptation; economics and value; interdisciplinary approaches; system thinking
Professor Suraje DessaiSchool of Earth and Environmentclimate change; future climate; uncertainty management; decision-making under uncertainty; climate risk management; science policy interface; climate services; climate impacts; climate adaptation
Professor Lorna DouganSchool of Physics and AstronomyStructure of liquid water in ambient and non-ambient conditions using neutron diffraction. Hydrogen bonding in cryoprotectant systems.
Dr Viktor DoychinovSchool of Electronic and Electrical Engineeringwireless communications; wireless hardware; microwave and millimetre-wave engineering; medical electronics; robotics applications; embedded electronics, Pipebots
Dr David DuftonSchool of Earth and Environmentprocessing of weather radar data for quantitative precipitation estimation. Recent collaboration with UKCEH to use these estimates as inputs to distributed hydrological models.
Professor Alison DunnSchool of Biology Invasive Alien Species; Invasive Non Native Species; Wildlife Diseases; Host-Parasite Interactions; Trait Mediated Indirect Effects; Sexual Selection; Slowing the Spread; Biosecurity
Professor Barbara EvansSchool of Civil EngineeringWater and wastewater engineering and water supply and sanitation in developing countries.
Dr Samuel EzeSchool of Earth and Environment Soil health; soil carbon dynamics; ecosystem carbon flux; carbon sequestration; climate-smart agriculture; climate change
Mrs Linda ForbesSchool of Earth and Environmentms, icp-ms, la-icp-ms and method validation for instrumentation
Professor Piers ForsterSchool of Earth and Environmentclimate change; climate modelling; climate mitigation; climate risks; climate adaptation; atmospheric physics; radiative forcing; aviation and climate; climate policy, carbon budgets
Dr Markus FraundorferSchool of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)Global Governance; Global Health; Neglected Diseases; River Governance; Global Challenges; Cosmopolitanism; Brazil; Brazilian Foreign Policy; Latin American Regionalism
Professor Joanne Garde-HansenSchool of Media and Communicationsustainable flood memories, waterproofing data, drought risk and you
Rachel GasiorSchool of GeographyDelivery of the School Laboratories strategy, Management and development of Laboratory team, Chemical analysis Equipment sourcing & purchase
Dr Jiaqi GeSchool of GeographyAgent-based models (ABM) to investigate stakeholder behaviour and interaction in flood risk management.
Professor Mark GilthorpeLeeds Institute for Data Analytics & School of MedicineStatistical epidemiology
Professor Emanuel GloorSchool of GeographyGlobal carbon cycle, Amazonian climate and tropical forests, tropical forest ecophysiology
Dr Geoff GoodwinSchool of Politics and International Studieswater (de) commodification; water infrastructure; communal water management; water-human relations; water history; drinking water fountains
Professor Andy GouldsonSchool of Earth and Environmentenvironmental policy; environmental governance; climate change; climate policy; low carbon development; climate resilient development; cities; climate finance; economic development.
Dr Alan GraingerSchool of Geographymonitoring and modelling global environmental change; tropical deforestation; desertification; global climate change; science-policy communication; global environmental change policy.
Dr Richard GraysonSchool of Geographyhydrology; water quality; catchment management; geomorphology; soil; uplands; peatlands; field instrumentation
Dr Lauren GregoireSchool of Earth and EnvironmentIce sheet modelling; climate modelling; climate-ice sheet interactions; rapid sea level rise; abrupt climate change; Quaternary; Uncertainty Quantification
Dr Stephen GriffithsSchool of Mathematicsapplied mathematics; fluid dynamics; atmospheric and oceanic flows; magnetohydrodynamics; instability theory; linear and nonlinear waves; ocean tides; numerical modelling.
Dr Arief GusnantoSchool of Mathematicsdevelopment of statistical methods and inference in the field of statistical bioinformatics, biology, medicine, statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology, chemometrics, and high-dimensional data.
Dr Christopher HassallSchool of BiologyEntomology; mimicry; camouflage; climate change; urbanisation; freshwaters; pollinators; invasive species; socio-ecology; pedagogy; statistics
Dr Ana HeitorSchool of Civil Engineeringeffect of climate change in geostrutures, geotechnical Engineering, behaviour of waste materials in transport infrastructure, stabilisation using vegetation
Dr. Paola Hernandez Montes de Oca de SakaiSchool of Earth and EnvironmentClimate change adaptation and mitigation, socio-economic resilience and resilience to climate change and the link with current vulnerability, SMEs and communities, flooding and risk management strategies, the water sector, low-carbon future options for cities, and sustainable development.
Professor David HodgsonSchool of Earth and Environmentsedimentology; stratigraphy; diagenesis; geomorphology
Professor Joseph HoldenSchool of Geographypeatlands; hydrology; water; catchment management; soil; agriculture; climate change; hillslope; water quality; carbon cycling; floods; rivers; drainage; wetlands; upland; moorland; physical geography
Dr Will HomokySchool of Earth and Environmentocean biogeochemistry; carbon and metal cycles; sediment and porewater diagenesis; micronutrient trace elements and isotopes; benthic fluxes; hydrothermal vents; radio-isotope tracers; ICP-MS
Professor Graham HugganSchool of EnglishComparative postcolonial literary/cultural studies, travel writing, ecocriticism, short fiction, and film.
Sarah HuntSchool of GeographySupport for teaching, fieldwork and equipment. Research support for laboratory and field. PA/Electrical testing
Dr Timothy HunterSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringUltrasonics; particle stabilised foams and emulsions; surfactant & polymer sol. structure and adsorption; suspension rheology & settling; flocculation & stability control; ion-exchange for effluents.
Dr Paul HutchingsSchool of Civil EngineeringWater; Sanitation; Public Health; Global Development; Interdisciplinary Research.
Professor Martin IddonSchool of Musicaesthetics; composition; new music after 1945
Dr Brian IrvineSchool of GeographyLand degradation and management, overland flow, sediment transport and turbulent flow processes, soil erosion, water resource management due to anthropogenic and climatic processes, flood frequency analysis.
Professor Paul KaySchool of GeographyWater quality; hydrology
Dr Gareth KeevilSchool of Earth and Environmentexperimental fluid dynamics; experimental sedimentology; application of particle imaging velocimetry; imaging of fluid dynamics; applications of lasers in fluid dynamics
Dr Tom KentSchool of Mathematicsgeophysical and computational fluid dynamics; numerical methods for hyperbolic problems; hydraulic / shallow water-type modelling; data assimilation; numerical weather prediction
Dr Amirul KhanSchool of Civil EngineeringComputational fluid dynamics; Particle dispersion in turbulent flows; Numerical optimization; Lattice Boltzmann method; GPU based computing using CUDA;
Dr Rebecca KingSchool of Medicine Community Engagement; Antimicrobial Resistance; Applied Qualitative Health Research
Professor Mike KirkbySchool of Geographygeomorphology; hydrology; modelling
Dr Philip KiszelySchool of Performance and Cultural IndustriesLate 20th century cultural histories; film and television history; popular culture; popular music; performance and style.
Dr Megan KlaarSchool of Geographynatural flood management; hydroecology; extreme hydrological events; water resource management; ecology-hydrology-geomorphology linkages
Dr Ann-Kristin KoehlerSchool of Earth and EnvironmentCrop modelling; impact of climate on crops
Professor Michael KromSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhosphorus cycling in aquatic systems including freshwater and marine sediments, paloeclimatic studies, effect of cloud processing on the bioavailability of iron, water quality processes in mariculture.
Professor Bill KuninSchool of BiologyPopulation and community ecology; Plant-pollinator interactions; Spatial ecology; Conservation biology
Professor Kang LiSchool of Electronic and Electrical Engineeringnonlinear system modelling, identification, and control, and bio-inspired computational intelligence, advanced control technologies for decarbonizing the whole energy systems.
Professor Simon LightfootSchool of Politics and International StudiesThe EU and Sustainable Development
Dr Gabriela Lopez-GonzalezGeographyHead of water@leeds. Interests include natural resources management, research network facilitation, climate change, tropical forests, ecoinformatics, research data management and data-driven decision making.
Professor Fleur LoveridgeSchool of Civil EngineeringCivil engineering, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering
Professor Jon LovettSchool of GeographyInstitutional economics of natural resource management, practical aspects of implementation of global agreements
Dr Maryna LukachSchool of Earth and Environmentremote sensing; weather radar; statistics; time series analysis; modelling; scientific computing; numerical analysis; approximation; interpolation; optimisation; clustering; relational databases, classification of weather radar data
Dr Taylor MaavaraSchool of Geographyriver biogeochemistry, watershed modelling, global biogeochemical cycles, greenhouse gases, river damming, mountain watersheds
Dr Ishfaq Hussain MalikSchool of GeographyClimate change, vulnerability and adaptation; flooding in the Himalayas; Arctic change; political ecology; ethnography
Addi ManolopoulouLeeds University Business School Sustainable design; water-based endurance sports; cross-disciplinary research with field experts and external partners; public engagement; equality; environmental impact; invasive-species.
Dr Vernon ManvilleSchool of Earth and Environmentmorpho-sedimentary responses to explosive volcanism; catastrophic flooding; lahars and debris avalanches; natural hazards; clastic sedimentology; field geology
Dr David MarplesSchool of Biomedical SciencesRenal physiology; aquaporins; water balance disorders.
Professor John MarshamSchool of Earth and EnvironmentTropical meteorology; atmospheric convection; weather; climate change; monsoons; Africa; India; sahara; dust; land-atmosphere interaction
Professor Julia Martin-OrtegaSchool of Earth and Environment; Sustainability Research InstituteEnvironmental valuation; qualitative and participatory approaches; focus on water research, particularly the relationships between society and water systems
Dr Adriana Matamoros VelozaSchool of Mechanical Engineeringnanotechnology; inorganic interfaces; experimental reactions at molecular scale
Dr Johan MattssonSchool of Physics and AstronomySoft matter, glass, non-equilibrium, gel, battery
Emeritus Professor Bill McCaffreySchool of Earth and EnvironmentDeep marine clastics, particulate sedimentary rocks in the deep ocean, deposition of sediment from turbidity currents.
Emeritus Professor Adrian McDonaldSchool of GeographyEnvironmental management, particularly resource assessment, natural hazards, microbial dynamics, water colour processes and control, catchment planning and risk, decision support systems, and water demand assessment.
Dr Jim McQuaidSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAtmospheric science; composition of gas phase molecules; composition of aerosol species; ice nucleating particles; tropospheric ozone; low cost sensors; air quality, air pollution
Professor Anna MdeeSchool of Politics and International StudiesWater; livelihoods; local governance; aid; Tanzania; sustainable agriculture
Professor Lucie MiddlemissSchool of Earth and EnvironmentSustainable consumption, vulnerability and poverty, and community action on sustainability issues in the global North
Professor Paul MillnerSchool of Biomedical Scienceselectrochemical biosensors: nanobiosensors; conjugation of biomolecules; targeted nanoparticles for imaging and drug delivery; PDI for water sterilisation.
Dr Gordon MitchellSchool of GeographyEnvironmental planning, environmental assessment and natural resource management applied to SUDS pollution screening, urban development, water demand forecasting, urban air quality, and social risk.
Dr Neha MittalSchool of Earth and Environmentclimate information co-production and communication, climate adaptation, riverine flow requirements
Dr Krisen MoodleySchool of Civil Engineeringproject management; infrastructure asset management; whole life management; ethics; corporate responsibility; resilience; procurement
Dr Catherine MoodySchool of Geographypeatlands; carbon cycling; water chemistry; environmental biogeochemistry; hydrology
Dr Oliver MooreSchool of Earth and Environmentmineral water interactions;
Dr Paul MorrisSchool of Geographypeatlands; ecohydrology; biogeography; environmental change
Dr Irene MussioDepartment of EconomicsLeeds University Business School, Department of Economics
Dr Ryan NeelySchool of Earth and Environmentclouds and aerosol processes in the past, present and future climates
Professor Andrew NelsonSchool of ChemistryOrganised phospholipid layers; surface induced phase transitions; nanoparticle/membrane interaction; toxicity sensing.
Dr Rob NewtonSchool of Earth and Environmentsedimentary geochemistry; stable isotopes; sulfur isotopes; mass extinctions; biogeochemical cycles; environmental chemistry; seawater chemistry through time; epeiric seas
Professor Catherine NoakesSchool of Civil EngineeringCFD; Indoor air quality; airborne infection; ventilation; building performance; fluid dynamics; building physics; building services
Professor Alice OwenSchool of Earth and Environmentsocio-technical issues of building energy use; middle actors in energy systems; micro-enterprises and sustainability; textile craft and sustainability; UK sub-national governance and policy
Professor Jouni PaavolaSchool of Earth and EnvironmentGovernance of water resources; Nature-based solutions for flood risk management; watershed services and the governance of their provision; The roles of institutions and social justice in the governance of water resources; institutional analysis; water history
Professor Douglas ParkerSchool of Earth and Environmentmeteorology; dynamics of weather systems; convective storms; African weather and climate; tropical meteorology and forecasting; fronts and cyclones; monsoons; atmospheric fluid dynamics.
Professor Caroline PeacockSchool of Earth and Environmentbiogeochemistry; geochemistry; environmental science; mineralogy; synchrotron spectroscopy and microscopy
Dr Julie PeacockSchool of GeographyPlant / Environment interactions; Plant life history strategies; Ecological value of the gardens of historic homes; Fieldwork pedagogy
Professor Jeff PeakallSchool of Earth and EnvironmentSedimentology; fluid dynamics; particulate-laden flows; physical experiments; submarine channels; injectites; acoustic measurement of sediments
Emeritus Professor Alan PearmanLeeds University Business SchoolMulti-criteria decision making, risk analysis, policy and project evaluation, stakeholder engagement
Dr Jayesh PhadtareSchool of Earth and EnvironmentOrographic Precipitation; Mesoscale Convective Systems; Tropical Convection.
Dr Colin PittsSchool of Earth and EnvironmentWater pollution control, acidification of fresh waters, biology of cyprinid fishes, ecology of lowland rivers, assessing the benefits of improving water quality, catchment management and water demand management.
Dr Emily PotterSchool of Geographyhydrological inputs, in particular using climate models and statistical methods to determine patterns and trends in precipitation and temperature
Professor Megan PoveySchool of Food Science and NutritionAcoustic and ultrasonic monitoring of compositional changes in aqueous systems and food waste streams
Professor Duncan QuinceySchool of Geographymountain glaciers; remote sensing; geomorphology; Himalaya
Professor Claire QuinnSchool of Earth and EnvironmentLinks between ecological and socio-economic processes in the management and conservation of natural resources.
Professor Rob RaiswellSchool of Earth and EnvironmentProperties and transport of particulate and colloidal iron phases in rivers and sediments; iron and sulphur cycles.
Professor Chris RaynerSchool of Chemistrycapture and reactions of carbon dioxide; carbon capture and storage (CCS); biogas upgrading; environmentally friendly coloration technology; natural product extraction and utilisation
Dr Hugh RiceSchool of GeographySoftware and model development; mathematical modelling; acoustic backscatter and Doppler velocimetry; in-line rheometry; numerical methods; inverse problems; order lattice theory
Dr Mark RobinsonLeeds University Business SchoolUnderstanding daily operations in water treatment plants
Dr Katy RoelichSchool of Earth and Environment; School of Civil Engineeringdecision making under uncertainty, public engagement in infrastructure decision making, just transitions
Tom RoperSchool of GeographyPeat Database development
Professor Alastair RucklidgeSchool of MathematicsPattern formation; Mode interactions; Quasipatterns; Spatio-temporal chaos; Nonlinear and chaotic dynamics; Heteroclinic networks; Soft matter quasicrystals
Professor Sally RussellSchool of Earth and Environmentsustainability and business; behaviour change; organisational behaviour; organisational psychology; environmental psychology; organisational change.
Dr Tristano SainatiSchool of Civil Engineeringcost estimation for infrastructure, lifecycle assessment sanitation systems, project financing
Dr Steven SaitSchool of BiologyPopulation and community ecology and evolution; species responses to environmental change; sustainable agriculture; ecosystem services; biological control; trophic interactions
Dr Susannah SalluSchool of Earth and Environmentrural livelihoods, vulnerability and resilience climate change and development; Africa region Tanzania
Dr Juliane SchwendikeSchool of Earth and EnvironmentTropical meteorology, tropical cyclones, convection and high impact weather, monsoons, large-scale circulations
Professor Jan SelbySchool of Politics and International Studiesclimate politics; water politics; political ecology; International Relations theory; conflict, peacebuilding and development; Middle East politics
Professor Gehan SelimSchool of Civil Engineeringarchitecture; memory studies, postconflict urbanism; urban politics; resillient cities; sustainable materials & design
Dr Natalia SergeevaSchool of Chemistryfluorescent dyes; antioxidants; organic nanomaterials; organic-inorganic interfaces, heterogeneous catalysts, chemical reactions on surface, (photo)catalysis; photomedicine
Dr Shervin ShahviSchool of Earth and Environmentwater quality issues from social science perspective; quantitative and qualitative analysis; preparing interview scripts and questionnaires for stakeholders
Nick Sheppardresearch data management
Dr Amrie SinghSchool of Civil EngineeringHydrology, ,hydrodynamic modelling, urban, fluvial and coastal flood risk, flood hazard, nature based solutions
Dr Yim Ling SiuSchool of Earth and Environmentenvironmental risk assessment; environmental informatics & modelling; environmental impact assessment; environmental risk management; risk perceptions; online/web-based module development & testing
Dr Tom SlaterSchool of Earth and EnvironmentEarth observation; ice sheets; altimetry; sea level rise
Professor Andrew SleighSchool of Civil Engineeringcomputational fluid dynamics cfd; river flow; flood modelling; environmental risk analysis;
Professor Mark SmithSchool of Geographygeomorphology; high resolution surveys; malaria; fluvial systems; roughness
Dr Josie SouthSchool of Biologyfish ecology, trophic interactions, invasion ecology, multiple stressors, impact prediction, crayfish ecology, inland fisheries, risk assessment, conflict species
Professor Dominick SpracklenSchool of Earth and Environmenttrees and flooding, natural flood management, air pollution; climate; aerosol; land-atmosphere interaction; forest fire; deforestation; land-use change; conservation
Dr Rachael SpraggsEarth and EnvironmentAsphaltenes, emulsions and wax Basins and structural geology Corrosion, Erosion and Scale Geophysics Governance Nanotechnology Petrophysics and Geomechanics Sedimentology
Professor James StarkPhilosophy, Religion and History of ScienceHistory of modern medicine; interdisciplinary medical humanities; history of biology and biomedical science; history of age and ageing.
Dr Alexander SteadInstitute for Transport Studies Utility regulation; water and sewage industry costs, productivity, and efficiency; regulatory benchmarking of water companies.
Dr Natalie SuckallSchool of Earth and Environmentclimate and development; climate and weather information; sustainable livelihoods; stakeholder engagement; participatory research
Dr Mark SumnerSchool of DesignFashion, sustainability, retail management, fashion technology
Professor Anne TallontireSchool of Earth and Environmentcorporate social responsibility with respect to development, particularly on ethical and fair trade and the use of private standards.
Dr Muhammad TausifSchool of DesignYarn manufacturing; fibre spinning; structure-property modelling of fibrous assemblies (incl. nonwovens); sustainable and eco-friendly textile structures; textile reinforced composites
Dr Mark TaylorSchool of Design Clothing comfort; protective clothing; fashion technology; sustainability; climbing helmets; testing
Dr Liam TaylorSchool of GeographyMountain glaciers; Remote sensing; Hazards; Low-cost sensors; Water resources in mountainous regions
Professor Martin TillotsonSchool of Civil Engineeringwater management; virtual water; water & wastewater treatment; water & wastewater sludge processing; resource recovery; water industry regulation; water industry innovation
Dr Jonathan TobuttSchool of Musicoboe soundworld, water, landscapes, performance practice, twentieth century British music renaissance,
Professor Mark TriggSchool of Civil Engineeringwater related risk; hydrodynamics; hydrology; rivers; floodplains; global; flood hazard; modelling; remote sensing
Andy TurnerSchool of GeographyFluvio-glacial data, geomorphometrics, geomorphology and landscape processes, climate change, seal levels and water quality
Dr Apollo TutesigensiSchool of Civil Engineeringresearch methods for business and management research; quantitative data analysis; infrastructure project appraisal; engineering pedagogy; project management tools and techniques.
Dr Devakunjari VadibelerSchool of GeographyAnalytical and environmental chemistry; Wastewater treatment systems; Isotope hydrology; Stable isotope tracer techniques for soil analysis
Dr James Van AlstineSchool of Earth and Environmentclimate change policy; climate compatible development; environmental policy; political ecology; energy policy and politics; resource extraction; social justice; marine environmental governance
Dr Costas VelisSchool of Civil EngineeringEnvironmental engineering; Circular economy; Solid waste; (Informal) Recycling; Plastics pollution; Solid recovered fuel (SRF); Mechanical sorting; Assessment methodologies/ Indicators; MFA
Professor Xue WangSchool of Chemical and Process Engineeringpharmaceutical engineering and process control; nanoprocessing; process modelling; process optimisation; data mining; artificial intelligence; nanotoxicology; crystallisation; nanomilling; granulation
Professor Janet WatsonSchool of Languages, Cultures and SocietiesDocumentation of the Modern South Arabian languages of Oman and Yemen and their cultural and historical traditions
Professor Jared WestSchool of Earth and Environmenthydrogeology; engineering geology; geotechnics; applied geophysics; rock engineering
Dr Simon WilkinsSchool of EngineeringNanotechnology and Materials - several areas of interest, including: nanosafety, nanomedicine, pharmaceuticals, polymers, construction materials and photocatalysis
Dr Tom WillisSchool of Geographyflood risk modelling; hydraulics; hydrology; uncertainty analysis
Professor Chee Yew WongLeeds University Business SchoolSupply chain integration; Supply chain collaboration; Information sharing; Digital supply chain; Supply chain analytics; Green supply chain
Dr Kerri WoodsSchool of Politics and International StudiesHuman rights and environmental sustainability
Professor Clare WouldsSchool of Geographybiogeochemistry; marine sediments; ecosystem function; isotope tracer experiments; organic geochemistry
Emeritus Professor Bruce YardleySchool of Earth and EnvironmentFluid processes in the Earth's crust, chemical mass transfer by fluids and in the cycle of interactions between fluid flow, temperature, mineralogical reactions and the rheology and permeability of the crust
Dr Dylan YoungSchool of Geographypeatlands; ecosystem modelling; stakeholder workshops
Dr Martin ZebrackiSchool of Geographycultural geography; public-art practice; sexuality; queer theory; citizenship; digital culture; social inclusivity
Dr Yongwang ZhangSchool of Geographysoil hydrology; soil carbon; soil nutrients; plant interactions.
Professor Guy ZivSchool of Geographyecosystem services; public goods; remote sensing; modelling; geographical information systems; GIS; climate change; land use; land cover; common agricultural policy; CAP; farming; agriculture