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Dr Yim Ling Siu

Associate Professor of Environmental Risk Management
Areas of expertise
environmental risk assessment; environmental informatics & modelling; environmental impact assessment; environmental risk management; risk perceptions; online/web-based module development & testing
SEE 11.103
Faculty of Environment
School of Earth and Environment

Dr Yim Ling Siu's research interests focus on 3 primary areas:

  1. risks, in particular environmental risk perception and decision-making based on system dynamics and knowledge management perspectives;
  2. quality audit for science, in particular the knowledge divide between "public understanding of science" and "scientist's understanding of the general public" based on deliberative-participatory, web-based approach;
  3. environmental informatics and modelling, in particular developing multiple natural hazards risk assessment models and information systems for environmental risk analysis and assessment, based on geographic information system (GIS) and database applications.

Additionally, she has a keen interest in developing a new paradigm of risk analysis (or a meta-theory of risk) in view of providing a better theory to encompass and explain the highly complex, intricate and dynamic nature of risk (and its risk decisions and behaviour), particularly in relation to sustainable development in our modern societies.