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Undertake transformational fundamental and applied research that enables us to be at the heart of the global water research and innovation community.


Enhance and develop partnerships with global and local organisations to maximise the value of water research.


Generate research outcomes which have major positive impacts on society and the environment, reduce inequalities and shape a better future for humankind.

Next Generation

Train the next generation of water experts who will develop the knowledge, skills and interdisciplinary awareness to make a positive contribution to tackling water-related challenges.


Climate change disrupts seasonal flow of rivers

Climate change is disrupting the seasonal flow of rivers in the far northern latitudes of America, Russia and Europe, posing a threat to water security and ecosystems, according to new research. A team of scientists led by the University of Leeds analysed historical data from river gauging stations across the globe and found that 21%...

Greenland’s ice sheet is melting and being replaced by vegetation

An estimated 11,000 sq miles or 28,707 sq kilometres of Greenland’s ice sheet and glaciers have melted over the last three decades, according to a major analysis of historic satellite records. The total area of ice loss is equivalent to the size of Albania and represents about 1.6 % of Greenland’s total ice and glacier...

Water, Sanitation and Health MSc alumnus selected as finalist in the British Council Alumni Awards 2024

An alumnus from the School of Civil Engineering has been selected as a finalist in the British Council Alumni Awards in the category of Science and Sustainability. We are delighted to announce that alumnus Mohamed Kamal, MSc Water, Sanitation and Health Engineering 2019, has been selected as a finalist in the British Council Egypt Alumni Awards...

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