Dr Richard Grayson

Dr Richard Grayson is involved in the SoilBioHedge project which is examining how grass leys connected to hedgerows can restore and improve soil quality within arable fields, with my focus being hydrological processes and functions within the soil. He is also involved in leading a range of research projects examining the impacts of upland management and restoration on water quality and quantity in peat dominated catchments, including impacts on water colour, DOC and POC export as well as discharge, erosion and sediment loads

Further research interests include: The application of GIS based modelling approaches to estimate diffuse pollutant loads in river systems. Catchment scale hydrological studies to identify and monitor the sources, sinks and impacts of diffuse pollution and the role of catchment management approaches to mitigate diffuse pollution in river catchments. The quantification of erosion and suspended sediment loads and the use of physico-chemical composite fingerprinting approaches to identify the sources of these suspended sediments.

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