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Dr Richard Grayson

Senior Research Fellow
Areas of expertise
hydrology; water quality; catchment management; geomorphology; soil; uplands; peatlands; field instrumentation
Garstang 10.06
Faculty of Environment
School of Geography

Dr Richard Grayson has a number of research interests focusing around the core theme of catchment management, particularly how land management impacts hydrological and geomorphological processes. He acts as an Impact Translation Fellow for the iCASP Natural Flood Management monitoring and modelling project which will help to develop best practice and show how natural flood management can deliver a range of benefits in addition to flood protection across Yorkshire. He also has a number interests at the University of Leeds Farm having recently been involved in the SoilBioHedge project which is examining how grass leys connected to hedgerows can restore and improve soil quality within arable fields, with his focus being hydrological processes and functions within the soil. He is involved in the development of a soil observing facility at the Farm and a hydrological monitoring network designed to measure the hydrological fluxes across the Farm. He also acts as the point of contact for the University’s Haldrup F55 plot Grass Harvester with on-board NIR spectrophotometer system.