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Professor Andy Gouldson

Professor of Environmental Policy
Areas of expertise
environmental policy; environmental governance; climate change; climate policy; low carbon development; climate resilient development; cities; climate finance; economic development.
SEE 10.112
Faculty of Environment
School of Earth and Environment

Prof. Andy Gouldson isan inter-disciplinary social scientist with a background in economics and public policy. He has worked on a wide range of issues relating to environmental policy and management since 1990, with a particular focus on climate change since 2008. He specializes in applied, engaged, impact-oriented research. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with policy makers and regulatory and development agencies at the international, national and local levels, as well as with businesses, NGOs and community groups.

His main area of expertise relates to the conditions under which we might improve the relationship between economic development and the environment, particularly through the application of different approaches to policy and innovative forms of governance. He has particular interests in the prospects for low carbon, climate resilient development and on the conditions that would allow two key groups - cities and corporations – to play a more active role in mitigating or adapting to climate change.