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Professor Alison Dunn

Professor of Ecology
Areas of expertise
Invasive Alien Species; Invasive Non Native Species; Wildlife Diseases; Host-Parasite Interactions; Trait Mediated Indirect Effects; Sexual Selection; Slowing the Spread; Biosecurity
Manton 8.09
Faculty of Biological Sciences
School of Biology

Biosecurity to slow the spread of Invasive Non Native Species (INNS): INNS threaten ecosystem services, costing GB 1.7bn pa. Freshwater ecosystems are particularly vulnerable to the spread of INNS through trade, transport, recreation and environmental management. Biosecurity is a critical first line of defence to prevent INNS introduction and spread. We are researching effective, practical biosecurity practices for activities in the environment. We are also working with environmental stakeholders to increase biosecurity awareness and uptake.

Aquatic Diseases and INNS: Parasitic diseases are important players in biological invasions. We are interested in the role of parasites in invasion success; in predicting and reducing the risk of disease emergence; and in the potential for harnessing diseases for biocontrol.