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Meet the Team

The water@leeds team comprises over 200 professionals from across the different departments and faculties of the University of Leeds, ensuring a cross-section of expertise and different disciplinary backgrounds.


NameSchoolAreas of expertise
Professor Lee BrownSchool of Geographyaquatic ecology; river ecosystems; biodiversity; food webs; ecosystem processes; alpine; arctic; peatlands; environmental-flows
Professor Joseph HoldenSchool of Geographypeatlands; hydrology; water; catchment management; soil; agriculture; climate change; hillslope; water quality; carbon cycling; floods; rivers; drainage; wetlands; upland; moorland; physical geography
Professor Paul KaySchool of GeographyWater quality; hydrology
Professor Julia Martin-OrtegaSchool of Earth and Environment; Sustainability Research InstituteEnvironmental valuation; qualitative and participatory approaches; focus on water research, particularly the relationships between society and water systems
Professor Martin TillotsonSchool of Civil Engineeringwater management; virtual water; water & wastewater treatment; water & wastewater sludge processing; resource recovery; water industry regulation; water industry innovation
Professor Mark TriggSchool of Civil Engineeringwater related risk; hydrodynamics; hydrology; rivers; floodplains; global; flood hazard; modelling; remote sensing