Meet the Team

The water@leeds team comprises 150 professionals from across the different departments and faculties of the University of Leeds, ensuring a cross-section of expertise and different disciplinary backgrounds.

NameSchoolResearch Area
Dr Sangaralingam AhilanSchool of Civil EngineeringHydrology, River hydraulics, Sustainable Flood Risk Management, Statistical modelling, Flood and Sediment transport modelling
Dr Richard Ansell
Dr Richard AnsellSchool of ChemistryBiosensors, electro-organic chemistry in flow devices
Dr Nir Arielli
Dr Nir ArielliSchool of HistoryTransnational war volunteers; The Arab-Israeli conflict; International relations in Europe and the Middle East, 1919-1939; Colonial troops; Colonial insurgency and counterinsurgency and Fascist Italy
Dr Eric AtwellSchool of ComputingCorpus linguistics and text analytics
Dr Tracy Aze
Dr Tracy AzeSchool of Earth and EnvironmentInvestigating evolutionary trends and past oceanic environments using the marine plankton fossil record
Dr Peyman BabakhaniSchool of Earth and Environment reactive transport, colloid transport, colloid stability, aggregation modelling, numerical modelling, machine learning, environmental nanotechnology
Dr Akintunde BabatundeSchool of Civil Engineering
Dr Karen Bacon
Dr Karen BaconSchool of GeographyPlant ecology, plant biology, geology and geochemistry
Professor Andy Baird
Professor Andy BairdSchool of GeographyPhysical processes of water, and heat and gas transfer in peat soils.
Professor Steven BanwartSchool of Earth and EnvironmentWeathering of rock and minerals to deliver solutes to drainage waters in catchments and river basins, biogeochemistry and natural biodegradation of hydrocarbon pollution in groundwater aquifers
Dr Dani Barrington
Dr Dani BarringtonSchool of Civil EngineeringWater, sanitation and health in developing and developed countries, participatory action research and international development.
Dr Paul Beales
Dr Paul BealesSchool of ChemistryBiophysical properties of lipid membranes and the applications of membrane-based materials
Dr Maria BegerSchool of BiologyMaria is a quantitative marine ecologist and conservation scientist integrating field data, spatial models and decision science to find conservation solutions that link theory and practice.
Professor David Bell
Professor David BellSchool of GeographyUrban and rural cultures
Professor Tim BentonSchool of BiologyPopulation, evolutionary and conservation ecology, UK Champion for Global Food Security
Dr Christian BerrettaSchool of Civil EngineeringWater sensitive urban design, SuDs, Stormwater management, urban diffuse pollution, impact of drainage systems
Dr Ajay Bhave
Dr Ajay BhaveSchool of Earth and EnvironmentWater resources; climate change adaptation; decision making under uncertainty; Green Urban Infrastructure
Dr Cathryn Birch
Dr Cathryn BirchSchool of Earth and EnvironmentTropical meteorology, Monsoons and the water cycle, Convection and severe weather, Land-atmosphere interaction, Convection-permitting models, Links between rainfall and flood forecasting
Dr Pam Birtill
Dr Pam BirtillSchool of PsychologyLearning; Reward; Food preferences; Fussy eating
Dr Richard Blackburn
Dr Richard BlackburnSchool of DesignGreen colouration and finishing technology for all fibres, water conservation including effluent reduction.
Dr Antony Blundell
Dr Antony BlundellSchool of GeographyUpland catchment management
Professor Onno Bokhove
Professor Onno BokhoveSchool of MathematicsGeophysical Fluid Dynamics; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Laboratory Experiments; design and testing of laboratory configurations for validation of mathematical models, computational techniques for PDEs (discontinuous Galerkin FEM), Hamiltonian fluid dynamics, idealised models for weather prediction, and hydraulic solutions of hyperbolic systems.
Dr Adam Booth
Dr Adam BoothSchool of Earth and EnvironmentGeophysicist specialising in application of seismic and GPR techniques to the quantitative analysis of the subsurface, focusing on the cryosphere
Dr Duncan BormanSchool of Civil EngineeringMultiphase flows in numerous real world problems; developing computational models and applying and developing novel Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), mixing in complex fluids where a chemical or biological processes maybe occurring (e.g. bioreactors, fuel cells, combustion, high-speed jets, ventilation).
Professor Simon Bottrell
Professor Simon BottrellSchool of Earth and EnvironmentApplication of stable isotopes as tracers in deep aquifers, groundwater/unsaturated zone and surface waters including peatlands to understand microbial processes and pollution events.
Professor Denise BowerSchool of Civil EngineeringOptimisation of the procurement of contracted services.
Professor Lee Brown
Professor Lee BrownSchool of GeographyRiver hydrology and ecology interface (hydroecology) including Arctic, Alpine and UK upland management.
Professor Wändi Bruine de Bruin
Professor Wändi Bruine de BruinLeeds University Business SchoolDecision-making
Dr Ian Burke
Dr Ian BurkeSchool of Earth and EnvironmentBiogeochemical controls on redox active metal behaviour in natural and contaminated environments.
Professor Michael CardwellSchool of LawAgriculture and the environment, including the regulation of genetically modified organisms and nitrate pollution, agriculture and climate change
Professor Chris Carr
Professor Chris CarrSchool of DesignTextile science and technology, textile chemistry, colouration, finishing, historical textiles and conservation science, surface chemistry, recycling, new fibres and healthcare textiles.
Dr Rachael CarrieSchool of Earth and Environmentrelationships between aquatic systems and society; links between rural livelihoods and natural resource use; environmental monitoring and assessment.
Dr Jonathan Carrivick
Dr Jonathan CarrivickSchool of GeographyGeomorphology, specifically cold climate earth surface processes and landforms and high-magnitude fluvial processes (glacial outburst floods and bedrock channels).
Dr Laura CarterSchool of Geographysoil; pharmaceuticals; emerging contaminants; uptake; fate; sorption; plants; earthworms
Dr Sally CawoodSchool of Civil Engineeringwater, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); urban sanitation; low-income settlements (slums) in global south; collective action; community-based organisations (CBOs); bangladesh.
Professor Pippa Chapman
Professor Pippa ChapmanSchool of GeographyTerrestrial and aquatic nutrient cycles, impacts of atmospheric deposition and land use management on nitrogen and phosphorus in soil and surface waters, impacts of storms on water quality, and hydrochemistry of upland ecosystems.
Professor Martin Clarke
Professor Martin ClarkeSchool of GeographyGeographic modelling
Dr Santiago Clerici
Dr Santiago ClericiSchool of GeographyTree ring analysis; Cellulose extractions; Stable isotope analysis; Fieldwork support for research
Professor Chris Collier
Professor Chris CollierSchool of Earth and EnvironmentNCAS Head of Strategic Partnerships; Chair of Atmospheric Science
Dr Charlie Dannreuther
Dr Charlie DannreutherSchool of Politics and International StudiesInternational political economy through small business policy
Dr David DawsonSchool of Civil Engineering
Professor Suraje Dessai
Professor Suraje DessaiSchool of Earth and EnvironmentManagement of climate change uncertainties, perception of climate risks and the science-policy interface in climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability
Dr Lorna Dougan
Dr Lorna DouganSchool of Physics and AstronomyStructure of liquid water in ambient and non-ambient conditions using neutron diffraction. Hydrogen bonding in cryoprotectant systems.
Professor Andy Dougill
Professor Andy DougillSchool of Earth and EnvironmentSoil degradation; Agricultural development; Participatory and environmental monitoring
Dr Alison Dunn
Dr Alison DunnSchool of Biology Biosecurity to slow the spread of Invasive Non Native Species (INNS)
Professor Barbara EvansSchool of Civil EngineeringWater and wastewater engineering and water supply and sanitation in developing countries.
Professor Les FirbankSchool of BiologyWeed population dynamics, farming systems on biodiversity and agronomy
Mrs Linda Forbes
Mrs Linda ForbesSchool of Earth and Environmentms, icp-ms, la-icp-ms and method validation for instrumentation
Dr Alan GadianSchool of Earth and EnvironmentMesoscale modelling of rainfall and hydrological surface modelling.
Alice GarveySchool of Earth and EnvironmentClimate change mitigation through energy demand solutions; social dynamics of low carbon transitions; environmental policy and the governance of sustainability issues
Professor Mark GilthorpeLeeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic MedicineStatistical epidemiology
Professor Emanuel Gloor
Professor Emanuel GloorSchool of GeographyTo detect and understand current large-scale changes of land and ocean systems due to a changing climate and human activity.
Professor Andy Gouldson
Professor Andy GouldsonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentDesign, delivery and impacts of different forms of environmental policy, planning and regulation including environmental governance, environmental corporate responsibility, economic development and environmental justice.
Dr Alan Grainger
Dr Alan GraingerSchool of GeographySustainable development, monitoring tropical deforestation and land use change, desertification, role of tropical forest biodiversity and carbon stores in global environmental change.
Dr Richard Grayson
Dr Richard GraysonSchool of GeographyImpact of agriculturally derived diffuse pollution on water quality, including both nutrients and sediments, and the role of catchment management approaches for source identification and mitigation.
Dr Stephen Griffiths
Dr Stephen GriffithsSchool of MathematicsAtmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics; mathematical and numerical modelling; waves; ocean tides, and paleotides.
Dr Arief GusnantoSchool of Mathematics
Dr Christopher HassallSchool of BiologyEntomology; mimicry; camouflage; climate change; urbanisation; freshwaters; pollinators; invasive species; socio-ecology; pedagogy; statistics
Dr. Paola Hernandez Montes de Oca de Sakai
Dr. Paola Hernandez Montes de Oca de SakaiSchool of Earth and EnvironmentClimate change adaptation and mitigation, socio-economic resilience and resilience to climate change and the link with current vulnerability, SMEs and communities, flooding and risk management strategies, the water sector, low-carbon future options for cities, and sustainable development.
Professor David HodgsonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentThe stratigraphic record of sedimentary basins, understanding the flux of sediment from continents to oceans across a range of basin margin types, (palaeo-)latitudes, and timescales
Professor Graham Huggan
Professor Graham HugganSchool of EnglishComparative postcolonial literary/cultural studies, travel writing, ecocriticism, short fiction, and film.
Dr Timothy HunterSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringSludge and slurry processing, sediment erosion and mobilisation
Professor Martin Iddon
Professor Martin IddonSchool of MusicMusical representations of water
Dr Brian Irvine
Dr Brian IrvineSchool of GeographyLand degradation and management, overland flow, sediment transport and turbulent flow processes, soil erosion, water resource management due to anthropogenic and climatic processes, flood frequency analysis.
Dr Lars JeukenSchool of Biomedical SciencesRedox-active membrane proteins; biological electron transfer
Dr Michelle Johnson
Dr Michelle JohnsonSchool of GeographyRelationships between soil properties and tropical forest dynamics
Dr Paul Kay
Dr Paul KaySchool of GeographyImpacts of land-use on hydrology and water quality including effects of agriculture, flooding, upland land management and fate/effects of pollutants including nutrients, pesticides, veterniary medicines and sediment.
Dr Gareth Keevil
Dr Gareth KeevilSchool of Earth and EnvironmentSedimentary processes in submarine channel-levee systems.
Dr Tom KentSchool of Mathematics
Dr Amirul Khan
Dr Amirul KhanSchool of Civil Engineeringcomputational fluid dynamics; particle dispersion in turbulent flows; numerical optimization; lattice boltzmann method; GPU based computing using CUDA
Professor Mike Kirkby
Professor Mike KirkbySchool of GeographyHillslope sediment transport processes, relationship between hillslope process and form, hillslope and network hydrology, development of peat growth/ hydrological models, landscape and regional scale models.
Dr Philip Kiszely
Dr Philip KiszelySchool of Performance and Cultural IndustriesPopular culture; cultural heritage; regional studies; proto-punk, punk and post-punk culture, Hollywood and European film
Dr Megan KlaarSchool of GeographyThe linkages between geomorphology, hydrology and ecology.Hydroecology, linkages between geomorphology, hydrology and ecology, the use of hydroecological evidence to improve water resource management policies, the role of instream wood in the creation of hydraulic and geomorphic development and promotion of biogeochemical hotspots in improving river and ground water quality, the influence of extreme hydrological events on geomorphology and ecology
Dr Ann-Kristin Koehler
Dr Ann-Kristin KoehlerSchool of Earth and EnvironmentCarbon balance of blanket peat catchment
Professor Michael KromSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhosphorus cycling in aquatic systems including freshwater and marine sediments, paloeclimatic studies, effect of cloud processing on the bioavailability of iron, water quality processes in mariculture.
Professor Bill KuninSchool of BiologySpatial aspects of population and community ecology and conservation biology
Professor Kang LiSchool of Electronic and Electrical EngineeringResearch interests include nonlinear system modelling, identification, and control, and bio-inspired computational intelligence, with substantial applications to the development of advanced control technologies for decarbonizing the whole energy systems, from integration of renewable energies, smart- and micro-grids, district energy management, to electric vehicles, and energy reduction in manufacturing.
Dr Simon Lightfoot
Dr Simon LightfootSchool of Politics and International StudiesThe EU and Sustainable Development
Dr Fleur Loveridge
Dr Fleur LoveridgeSchool of Civil EngineeringCivil engineering, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering
Professor Jon Lovett
Professor Jon LovettSchool of GeographyInstitutional economics of natural resource management, practical aspects of implementation of global agreements
Dr Vernon Manville
Dr Vernon ManvilleSchool of Earth and EnvironmentFlood and sediment dynamics
Dr David MarplesSchool of Biomedical SciencesRole of aquaporins in the regulation of water balance.
Dr John Marsham
Dr John MarshamSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAtmospheric convection, tropical meteorology, East and West Africa, Saharan dust uplift
Dr Adriana Matamoros Veloza
Dr Adriana Matamoros VelozaSchool of Mechanical EngineeringEnvironmental Geochemistry, groundwater quality, Groundwater-surface water interactions
Dr Johan MattssonSchool of Physics and AstronomySoft matter, glass, non-equilibrium, gel, battery
Professor Bill McCaffrey
Professor Bill McCaffreySchool of Earth and EnvironmentDeep marine clastics, particulate sedimentary rocks in the deep ocean, deposition of sediment from turbidity currents.
Professor Adrian McDonald
Professor Adrian McDonaldSchool of GeographyEnvironmental management, particularly resource assessment, natural hazards, microbial dynamics, water colour processes and control, catchment planning and risk, decision support systems, and water demand assessment.
Dr Jim McQuaid
Dr Jim McQuaidSchool of Earth and EnvironmentObservations of atmospheric composition; instrumentation; biomass burning; tropospheric ozone; long range transport; science communication
Dr Lucie Middlemiss
Dr Lucie MiddlemissSchool of Earth and EnvironmentSustainability
Professor Paul MillnerSchool of Biomedical SciencesBiosensor applications
Dr Gordon Mitchell
Dr Gordon MitchellSchool of GeographyEnvironmental planning, environmental assessment and natural resource management applied to SUDS pollution screening, urban development, water demand forecasting, urban air quality, and social risk.
Dr Neha MittalSchool of Earth and EnvironmentRiverine Environmental flow, climate change and water resources
Dr Krisen MoodleySchool of Civil Engineeringproject management; infrastructure asset management; whole life management; ethics; corporate responsibility; resilience; procurement
Dr Catherine Moody
Dr Catherine MoodySchool of GeographyBiogeochemistry of UK uplands, carbon cycles of peatlands
Dr Paul Morris
Dr Paul MorrisSchool of GeographyWetland ecohydrologist, hydrological, ecological and biogeochemical processes that govern the past, present and future of the world's wetlands.
Dr Ryan NeelySchool of Earth and Environmentclouds and aerosol processes in the past, present and future climates
Professor Andrew Nelson
Professor Andrew NelsonSchool of ChemistryOrganised phospholipid layers, surface induced phase transitions, nanoparticle/membrane interaction, toxicity sensing
Dr Rob Newton
Dr Rob NewtonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentApplication of stable isotopic techniques to problems of water provenance and process, including characterising biodegradation processes of various pollutants in groundwater.
Professor Catherine NoakesSchool of Civil EngineeringDevelopment and application of mathematical models for environmental fluid flow problems, including water distribution networks, airborne infection and industrial coating and drying processes.
Dr Alice Owen
Dr Alice OwenSchool of Earth and EnvironmentThe diffusion and impact of domestic green technology; the role of 'place' in sustainability; achieving domestic low carbon retrofit; effective knowledge exchange
Professor Jouni Paavola
Professor Jouni PaavolaSchool of Earth and EnvironmentGovernance of water resources; Nature-based solutions for flood risk management; watershed services and the governance of their provision; The roles of institutions and social justice in the governance of water resources; institutional analysis; water history
Professor Douglas Parker
Professor Douglas ParkerSchool of Earth and EnvironmentDynamics of weather systems, in the tropics and midlatitudes.
Dr Caroline Peacock
Dr Caroline PeacockSchool of Earth and EnvironmentUnderstanding how molecular interactions control the reactivity and cycling of constituents in the terrestrial and marine environments, focusing on the mineral-water interface and the micro-scale processes that control soil and sediment geochemistry, and the composition of natural waters.
Dr Julie PeacockSchool of GeographyPlant / Environment interactions; Plant life history strategies; Ecological value of the gardens of historic homes; Fieldwork pedagogy
Professor Jeff Peakall
Professor Jeff PeakallSchool of Earth and EnvironmentFluid and sediment dynamics of both natural and industrial systems, including deep-marine sedimentary processes (submarine channels and gravity current dynamics).
Professor Alan Pearman
Professor Alan PearmanLeeds University Business SchoolClimate change risks; environmental assessment of nuclear waste options; gas rig de-commissioning; decision modelling of treatment of unstable angina; assessment of food risks
Dr Colin Pitts
Dr Colin PittsSchool of Earth and EnvironmentWater pollution control, acidification of fresh waters, biology of cyprinid fishes, ecology of lowland rivers, assessing the benefits of improving water quality, catchment management and water demand management.
Professor Megan PoveySchool of Food Science and NutritionAcoustic and ultrasonic monitoring of compositional changes in aqueous systems and food waste streams
Dr Duncan Quincey
Dr Duncan QuinceySchool of GeographyHigh-mountain glaciology (in particular Andean and Himalayan glaciology) and the response of these glaciers to climatic change.
Dr Claire Quinn
Dr Claire QuinnSchool of Earth and EnvironmentLinks between ecological and socio-economic processes in the management and conservation of natural resources.
Professor Rob Raiswell
Professor Rob RaiswellSchool of Earth and EnvironmentProperties and transport of particulate and colloidal iron phases in rivers and sediments; iron and sulphur cycles.
Professor Chris Rayner
Professor Chris RaynerSchool of ChemistryReactive intermediate chemistry; exploitation of carbon dioxide as a solvent and reagent in synthetic organic chemistry; novel photochemical processes; and continuous reactions.
Dr Hugh Rice
Dr Hugh RiceSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringMeasurement of complex flows; acoustic backscatter methods; Doppler and time-domain velocimetry; in-line rheometry; speed of sound measurement; numerical methods; mathematical modelling; inverse problems
Dr Mark Robinson
Dr Mark RobinsonLeeds University Business SchoolUnderstanding daily operations in water treatment plants
Dr Katy RoelichSchool of Earth and Environment; School of Civil EngineeringEnvironmental and engineering consulting, sustainability research.
Professor Alastair RucklidgeSchool of MathematicsPattern formation; Mode interactions; Quasipatterns; Spatio-temporal chaos; Nonlinear and chaotic dynamics; Heteroclinic networks; Dynamo theory; Magnetoconvection.
Dr Sally RussellSchool of Earth and EnvironmentClimate change and sustainability in organisations; environmental psychology and organisational psychology research; decision-making and behaviour in response to climate change; proenvironmental behaviour in organisations; water demand management; mechanisms to encourage long-term sustainable water use
Dr Steven SaitSchool of BiologyPopulation, community and evolutionary ecology.
Dr Nicolas Salazar SutilSchool of Performance and Cultural IndustriesDigital performance, cultural studies, philosophy of movement, Laban studies, motion description and computation, mathematical representation of movement, digital and new materialist theory, material imagination, creativity, ecocriticism, cultural theory, critical and material thinking.
Dr Susannah Sallu
Dr Susannah SalluSchool of Earth and EnvironmentSocial-ecological dynamics, resilience and vulnerability, Ecosystem services and rural livelihoods.
Dr Alex Schafran
Dr Alex SchafranSchool of GeographyUrban planning, policy and the future in geography.
Dr Gehan Selim
Dr Gehan SelimSchool of Civil Engineeringarchitecture; memory studies, postconflict urbanism; urban politics; resillient cities; sustainable materials & design
Dr Natalia Sergeeva
Dr Natalia SergeevaSchool of ChemistryColorants, natural and food colorants, antioxidants, colour physics, colour relationships, measurement of colour, metal-free (photo)catalysis, organic nanomaterials, bioenergy, (photo)degradation, photomedicine.
Professor Andrew Shepherd
Professor Andrew ShepherdSchool of Earth and EnvironmentMeasuring changes of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, on understanding their interaction with the global climate system, and on establishing their contribution to global sea level rise; the calibration and validation of satellite systems; and the development of novel satellite sensors to tackle problems in geophysical research.
Dr Sumit Sinha
Dr Sumit SinhaSchool of Earth and EnvironmentDevelopment and application of numerical models for problems hydraulics, hydrology that primarily examines the issue of contaminant transport from terrestrial to aquatic ecosystem
Dr Yim Ling Siu
Dr Yim Ling SiuSchool of Earth and EnvironmentEnvironmental risks and sustainability, quality audit for science, and environmental informatics and modelling for transport, energy and the environment.
Dr Andrew SleighSchool of Civil EngineeringComputational fluid dynamics cfd; river flow; flood modelling
Dr Mark Smith
Dr Mark SmithSchool of GeographyHydrology, hydraulics and process geomorphology; the interaction of near-surface flows with the Earth’s surface
Dr Tess SomervellSchool of EnglishLiterature of the long eighteenth century, particularly poetry: long poems; nature poetry; literary representations of weather and climate; ecocriticism; literature and science; literature and theology; time in literature; reception, influence, and allusion; neoclassicism and adaptations of the rota virgilii.
Professor Dominick Spracklen
Professor Dominick SpracklenSchool of Earth and EnvironmentUnderstanding interactions between the biosphere, atmosphere and climate and the way that these interactions are being altered by human activity
Dr Julia Steinberger
Dr Julia SteinbergerSchool of Earth and EnvironmentEcological economics, quantifying the current and historical linkages between resource use (energy and materials, greenhouse gas emissions) and socioeconomic parameters (economic and human wellbeing), and identifying alternative development pathways to guide the necessary transition to a low carbon society
Professor Lindsay Stringer
Professor Lindsay StringerSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPolitical ecologies of environmental change; land degradation and desertification; participatory processes; environmental governance.
Dr Graeme SwindlesSchool of GeographyLong term ecohydrological and carbon dynamics of peatlands, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, climate change, protozoa as environmental indicators
Dr Anne Tallontire
Dr Anne TallontireSchool of Earth and EnvironmentCorporate social responsibility with respect to development
Dr Kelvin TapleySchool of ChemistryCapillary electrophoresis, spectroscopic techniques, environmental analysis and effluent treatments; detection of pigments and reactive dyes.
Dr Muhammad Tausif
Dr Muhammad TausifSchool of DesignYarn manufacturing; fibre spinning; structure-property modelling of fibrous assemblies (incl. nonwovens); sustainable and eco-friendly textile structures; textile reinforced composites
Dr Jonathan Tobutt
Dr Jonathan TobuttSchool of MusicOboe soundworld, water, landscapes, performance practice, twentieth century British music renaissance,
Dr Christopher TraynerSchool of Electronic and Electrical EngineeringWater research
Dr Mark TriggSchool of Civil EngineeringRiver systems from a global to an infrastructure scale. Core topic areas are river hydrodynamics and the connectivity of rivers and floodplains, with strong links to geomorphology, hydrology and environmental engineering. Particularly motivated by traditionally data-scarce contexts where new low cost field methods, numerical modelling, remote sensing, and local knowledge can provide new insights and applications.
Andy Turner
Andy TurnerSchool of GeographyFluvio-glacial data, geomorphometrics, geomorphology and landscape processes, climate change, seal levels and water quality
Dr Apollo TutesigensiSchool of Civil EngineeringConstruction project management.
Dr James Van Alstine
Dr James Van AlstineSchool of Earth and EnvironmentHuman-environment interactions at multiple scales, research focuses on natural resource governance and politics, corporate social responsibility and climate change governance.
Dr Costas VelisSchool of Civil EngineeringEnvironmental engineering; Circular economy; Solid waste; (Informal) Recycling; Plastics pollution; Solid recovered fuel (SRF); Mechanical sorting; Assessment methodologies/ Indicators; MFA
Dr Kim Vercruysse
Dr Kim VercruysseSchool of Civil Engineeringurban flood resilience, river and sediment dynamics, and catchment management.
Dr Paul Waley
Dr Paul WaleySchool of GeographyRiver restoration and management in Japan.
Professor Xue WangSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringToxicity prediction using QSARs (quantitative structure activity relationships) and toxicity risk minimization; statistical control of wastewater treatment plants.
Professor Janet WatsonSchool of Languages, Cultures and SocietiesDocumentation of the Modern South Arabian languages of Oman and Yemen and their cultural and historical traditions
Dr Celia WaySchool of Civil Engineeringwater; sanitation; international development; public health; faecal sludge management
Dr Jared West
Dr Jared WestSchool of Earth and EnvironmentDevelopment and application of physical and geophysical approaches to the characterization of groundwater processes
Dr Simon WilkinsSchool of EngineeringNanotechnology and Materials - several areas of interest, including: nanosafety, nanomedicine, pharmaceuticals, polymers, construction materials and photocatalysis
Dr Kerri Woods
Dr Kerri WoodsSchool of Politics and International StudiesHuman rights and environmental sustainability
Dr Clare Woulds
Dr Clare WouldsSchool of GeographyBiogeochemical processes in marine sediments
Emeritus Professor Bruce Yardley
Emeritus Professor Bruce YardleySchool of Earth and EnvironmentFluid processes in the Earth's crust, chemical mass transfer by fluids and in the cycle of interactions between fluid flow, temperature, mineralogical reactions and the rheology and permeability of the crust
Dr Sarah Elizabeth YohoSchool of EnglishResilience; Tourism; Agriculture; Environmental Humanities; Ethnography
Dr Dylan YoungSchool of Geography
Dr Martin ZebrackiSchool of Geography
Dr Guy Ziv
Dr Guy ZivSchool of GeographyEcosystem services, combining ecosystem modelling and social sciences to analyse impacts of policy and climate change on the water-food-energy systems and the environment