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Dr Paul Beales

Associate Professor
Areas of expertise
biomolecular self-assembly; membrane biophysics; bionanotechnology; soft matter and biological physics; bottom-up synthetic biology; nanomedicine; nanotoxicology; vesicle technologies; hydrogels
1.13 Chemistry Building
Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
School of Chemistry

Dr Paul Beales’ research focuses on the biophysical properties of lipid membranes and the applications of membrane-based materials. His current work specifically addresses challenges across the field of nanomedicine. This work includes the use of nucleic acid amphiphiles in nanomaterial assembly, adhesion studies and targeted drug delivery. Paul is also interested in therapeutic encapsulation in lipid-based systems and the development of artificial cellular systems for fundamental studies on their interactions with drug delivery systems (relevant to intracellular transport) and nanoparticles (relevant to potential nanotoxicity).