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Professor Caroline Peacock

Professor of Biogeochemistry; Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder
Areas of expertise
biogeochemistry; geochemistry; environmental science; mineralogy; synchrotron spectroscopy and microscopy
SEE 9.148
Faculty of Environment
School of Earth and Environment

I am an experimental biogeochemist with a focus on the application of fundamental chemical principles to understanding Earth system processes.  In particular I focus on the reactivity and cycling of elements in both the marine and terrestrial environments, and how elemental mobility and fate are controlled through interactions with sediment and soil minerals.  These reactions ultimately help control the abundance and distribution of elements in modern and ancient environments, and a detailed understanding of these phenomena is therefore vital to help elucidate the links between the chemical, geological and biological components of our planet, and how these components combine to regulate the Earth system.

My group combines laboratory experiments, cutting-edge synchrotron techniques, and advanced computational and geochemical modelling, to provide detailed information on the interactions between carbon, macro- and micro-nutrients and contaminants in soils and sediments.

  • Biogeochemical cycling of carbon, macro- and micro-nutrients and contaminants in sediments and soils
  • Biogeochemical palaeoproxies based on elemental concentrations and stable isotope compositions recorded in geological deposits
  • Mineral interfaces and interfacial processes