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Professor Jeff Peakall

Professor of Process Sedimentology
Areas of expertise
Sedimentology; fluid dynamics; particulate-laden flows; physical experiments; submarine channels; injectites; acoustic measurement of sediments
8.30 Priestley Building
Faculty of Environment
School of Earth and Environment

Professor Jeff Peakall is a process sedimentologist working on both natural processes (submarine fans, rivers, lakes, and cohesive mud erosion) and industrial systems (nuclear waste ponds, design of new nuclear storage facilities). He is Director of the Sorby Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, a NERC Recognised Facility that seeks to act as a key National research facility for environmental fluids research in the UK. His main research interest has been in understanding the giant channels that traverse the world’s sea-floors, and he has worked extensively on submarine channel evolution, sedimentation, and the flow dynamics of currents that traverse these channel systems. As part of this Jeff has been measuring flows through active submarine channels in the Black Sea and in a reservoir on the Yellow River in China.