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Dr Duncan Borman

Associate Professor
Areas of expertise
computational fluid dynamics; environmental flows; multiphase flow, mathematical modelling; hydraulic modelling; wastewater modelling; bioreactor modelling
305 School of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
School of Civil Engineering

Dr Duncan Borman's research interest is in understanding problems that involve multiphase flows that occur in numerous real world problems; his approaches involve developing computational models and applying and developing novel Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). This involves developing understanding of mixing in complex fluids where a chemical or biological processes maybe occurring  (e.g. bioreactors, fuel cells, combustion, high-speed jets, ventilation) and in problems that require prediction of moving boundaries and free-surfaces (e.g. air-water interfaces; understanding morphologies of solidifying/precipitating solutions, inverse problems). The research is reliant on the development of numerical codes, particularly in the area of boundary problems, but also makes use of a range of commercial and opensource solvers where suitable.  He works closely with the cross-faculty Centre for Computational Fluid Dynamics and he is involved in multidisciplinary research with colleagues across the University, UK and internationally.