Dr Susannah Sallu

Susannah is an interdisciplinary research scientist whose research draws on multiple disciplines. Susannah’s research focuses broadly on human-environment interactions and more specifically on rural livelihoods, environmental change, marginalisation and natural resource governance.

Her main interest lies in the theoretical and empirical intersections of political ecology, complex systems science and environmental justice. Susannah and her research team have particular regional expertise in Africa and work together in participatory ways with communities and a wide range of academic and non-academic partners to develop better understanding of:

  • The dynamics, resilience and vulnerability of social-ecological systems, landscapes, and livelihoods
  • The impact on human well-being and livelihoods of differing modes of conservation and ecosystem services governance and management, and climate change
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Climate compatible development intervention and policy

Susannah has a particular interest in East and Southern Africa, particularly Tanzania, where she has worked for over 15 years.