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Dr Steven Boeing

Impact Translation Fellow - Enhanced Surface Water Flood Forecasts
Areas of expertise
Atmospheric convection
Priestley 10.03
Faculty of Environment
School of Earth and Environment

I moved to Leeds in 2015, after a PhD at Delft University of Technology and a postdoc in Zurich.  Most of my work involves detailed simulations of cumulus clouds and the interaction between these clouds and their environment. I am particularly interested in the influence of turbulence on cloud dynamics and rainfall formation, the ways in which precipitation can invigorate convection, and novel computational methods to simulate clouds.

I am also involved in the Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP), where I work with others to evaluate rainfall forecasts for surface water flooding. This involves converting data from the Met Office forecasting and radar archives to a suitable format, and developing tools to display and evaluate the spatial distribution of accumulated rainfall and its uncertainty for a number of recent events.