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Dr Rachael Carrie

Research Fellow
Areas of expertise
relationships between aquatic systems and society; links between rural livelihoods and natural resource use; environmental monitoring and assessment.
9.123 Earth and Environment
Faculty of Environment
School of Earth and Environment

I am an interdisciplinary environmental researcher with interests that draw on the natural and social sciences to focus broadly on the relationships between aquatic systems and society.

My current work uses GIS and livelihood approaches to explore relationships between mangroves, ecosystem services and coastal livelihoods in Northern Vietnam's Red River Delta. I have worked previously in Malawi to evaluate impacts associated with a landscape approach seeking to safeguard wetland ecosystem services and sustain rural livelihoods and wellbeing. My doctoral research explored ecological and social approaches for monitoring and assessing stream health in southern Belize, and I maintain close working links with academics, students and practitioners working in Central America.

I am also interested in freshwater ecology and river health, with a specific focus on Mesoamerica and macroinvertebrate based bio-assessment. In addition to contributing new species descriptions, range information, and the freshwater macroinvertebrate checklist for Belize, my research has been incorporated in national monitoring guidance, and built local capacity for freshwater assessment. I have particular research interest in supporting efforts to enhance river management in Belize.