Dr Adam Booth

Dr Adam Booth is a near-surface geophysicist, specialising in the application of seismic and GPR techniques to the quantitative analysis of the subsurface. His main focus is in the cryosphere – specifically measuring the physical state of glaciers and ice bodies – but I also work with engineering and archaeological-type targets. I am a versatile field geophysicist, having performed surveys in the Arabian desert, the Burmese jungle and on glaciers at both poles! New branches of research are in automated classification of GPR images, with Leeds’ Computer Scientists, and applying GPR methods to image the burrows of moles and meerkats. A common theme is his research is the incorporation of oil industry acquisition and analysis procedures into the near-surface setting. This includes the integration of a multi-offset survey strategy for archaeological GPR data – implmeneted during his PhD research – and the application of AVA (amplitude-versus-angle) methods for hydrological analysis of the subglacial environment. He is interested in integrative geophysical approaches, that incorporate novel procedures into data interpretation and combine observations from multiple geophysical platforms. He is also interested in novel acquisition platforms, that either improve survey efficiency or offer new paradigms in data acquisition.