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Dr Adam Booth

Associate Professor of Applied Geophysics
Areas of expertise
near-surface geophysics; reflection seismology; ground-penetrating radar; glaciology; archaeology; data processing; field geophysics
Faculty of Environment
School of Earth and Environment

Adam’s research involves the use of subsurface imaging technologies to characterise the influence of glacier meltwater on ice dynamics, but extends to monitoring groundwater resources and, as a member of Leeds Geosolutions centre, their role in the low-carbon energy future. He is also interested in engaging researchers in arts disciplines, to benefit the public communication of science themes. As Programme Leader of SEE’s Exploration Geophysics MSc, he has developed several new links between student research projects and industrial stakeholders and brings this expertise to his water@leeds role as Associate Director for  Mission 4 - Next Generation.

'The most rewarding part of my job is developing opportunities for new researchers, so I’m really pleased to lead on 'Next Generation' for water@leeds. I’m excited to work with the whole water@leeds research community and develop new ideas for collaboration.'

Adam is a former Associate Director of water@leeds.