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ESR9 Tulio Soto

My name is Tulio Soto, and I am the ESR#9 of the EURO-FLOW Project. I am a Civil Engineer from Venezuela and I have completed my master's degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

During my master's studies, I had the opportunity to be part of interesting research projects in river engineering, hydraulic modeling and sediment transport processes. Right after this experience, I found myself charmed with the idea of directing my career towards the field of river engineering.

Now, hosted by the University of Trento, under the supervision of Prof. Guido Zolezzi, I strive to expand my acquired knowledge in the field of River engineering. I find being part of the EURO-FLOW Project as a unique, special opportunity to grow in both personal and professional aspects, by working in conjunction with the other ESRs, thus, making it a very rich international and multicultural project.

My topic of research: "Linkeages between river habitat dynamics and channel morpho- dynamics at the mesoscale" aims to analyze the interactions of river habitats with respect to changing morphological conditions. Through the progress of my investigation, I will study different practical cases in river morpho-dynamics and sediment transport processes, including the effects of artificial floods, naturalization of river reaches, long term damming, among others, with a special observation on the transitions and interactions in habitats for specific species.

I am really enthusiastic about this project and I am looking forward to all these projects, work and years to come.

Host Institute: University of Trento

Project: Linkages between river habitat dynamics and channel morpho-dynamics at the mesoscale