water@leeds Current Projects

Current and recent water research projects are listed below.

  • Duncan Quincey, High-mountain Asia-Building Resilience to Water Variability using Experiments, Surveys and accounts of Tradition (HARVEST) GCRF, NERC, £190,000
  • Lee Brown (2017-2021) EuroFLOW ITN European Union, Horizon 2020, £930,000
  • Mark Trigg (2017-2018) Catchment Explorer Platform NERC, £200,000
  • Alison Dunn (2017-2019) Reducing the risk of the introduction and spread of Invasive Non Native Species to and within the river catchments of Yorkshire and across GB, NERC, £120,000
  • Joseph Holden (2016-2022) Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP) NERC, £6M
  • Julia Martin-Ortega (2016) Applying ecosystem services-based approaches to water resource decision making: studying the risk of nature commodification in Mexico’s last free-flowing river. British Academy: Newton Advanced Fellowships.
  • Pippa Chapman, Joseph Holden, Richard Grayson and Les Firbank (2015-2018) SoilBioHedge: harnessing hedgerow soil biodiversity for restoration of arable soil quality and resilience to climatic extremes and land use changes. NERC-BBSRC-ESRC, £1m.
  • Doug Parker, Piers Forster and John Marsham (2015-2019) Improving climate models for Africa (IMPALA). NERC-DfID, £3m.
  • Christian Berretta (2015-2016) Controlling diffuse pollution in urban areas using biofiltration systems. White Rose University Consortium £10,979.
  • John Marsham and Doug Parker (2015-18) Interaction of Convective Organisation and Monsoon Precipitation, Atmosphere, Surface and Sea (INCOMPASS). NERC, £356,269.
  • Doug Parker and Peter Knippertz (2014-18). DACCIWA: Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in west Africa. EU, £1,600,000.
  • Lindsay Stringer (2014-16). Philip Leverhulme Prize, £70,000.
  • John Marsham and Doug Parker (2014-2017) SWAMMA (Saharan West African Monsoon Multiscale Analysis). NERC, £665,000
  • Mitchell, G.,Brown, L.,Tillotson, M., Guan, D. (2014-2017) Complex Value Optimisation for Resource Recovery. NERC, £1,167,574.00.
  • Holden, J. (2012-2016) Impact of plastic mesh tracks on blanket peat. North Pennines AONB Partnership, £83,000.
  • Benning, L., Peacock, C. (2012-2016) Marie Curie ITN – MINSC. EU, £1,100,000.
  • Parker, Spracklen, Marsham (2013-2016) Vegetation-Rainfall Feedbacks in Africa (VERA). NERC, £464,702.