UKRI GCRF Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub

The Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub is a five-year £17.7 million project improving water security for a resilient future.

The Hub brings together an international team from over 12 different countries to address threats to water security and contribute towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation).

Leeds is a key partner with UK-based universities Newcastle and Oxford, and four overseas collaboratories located in Colombia, Ethiopia, India and Malaysia. Together forming the Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub which is one of 12 hubs funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), as part of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

Each collaboratory reflects a unique and complex set of challenges concerning water security,  such as fragmented governance,  dysfunctional water management systems and limited institutional capacity.  The hub will be integral in combatting these challenges using a transdisciplinary coproduction approach which upholds the project’s vision of implementing transparency; equity, inclusion and diversity, and sustainability.

water@leeds researchers contributing their expertise to this project are:

  • Dr Miller Alonso Camargo-Valero  School of Civil Engineering, Associate Director water@leeds, evaluating resource recovery from wastewater and faecal sludge.
  • Professor Barbara Evans School of Civil Engineering, focusing on sanitation, hygiene and water services in the global south.
  • Dr Mark Trigg School of Civil Engineering, researching global water resource modelling and remote sensing datasets.
  • Professor Anna Mdee School of Politics and International Studies, Associate Director water@leeds, looking at institutional change, politics of impact, political ecology and co- production.
  • Dr Lata Narayanaswamy School of Politics and International Studies, studying capacity-building, gender and development.
  • Dr Sarah Cooper School of Politics and International Studies, conducting research on policy and governance to achieve global water security.
  • Shivani Singhal PhD researcher, School of Politics and International Studies
  • Johan Pasos Panqueva PhD researcher, School of Civil Engineering
  • Tatiana Zuniga Burgos PhD researcher, School of Civil Engineering
  • Nicola Wood Research Assistant, School of Civil Engineering

The Leeds GCRF Water Security Hub team at Addis Ababa Assembly 2019

The research’s multi-dimensional approaches will account for the mediating influences of political, social, economic, cultural and biophysical spheres which impact on human’s interaction with water. With the primary aim of improving water security for the poor and vulnerable and also to attain wider-reaching targets such as Sustainable Development Goal 6 aiming to provide clean water and sanitation for everyone.


Contact the GCRF Water Security Hub team in Leeds by emailing or Dr Miller Alonso Camargo-Valero.

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