Model code and other DigiBog information


The model code used in some of the DigiBog publications is available from GitHub or in some cases as part of the supplementary material for the relevant paper. If you are interested in obtaining code not listed below, please contact the lead author of the paper (see contacts page). The model code is provided free to use under the GNU General Public Licence v3.0.

Full DigiBog: 1D model

Code available in supplementary material of Morris et al. (2015).

There is also a useful conceptual model of the model components and interactions in the paper.

Full DigiBog: 2D / 3D model

The model version used in Young et al. (2017) along with a set of input files can be downloaded from a GitHub repository.


A user-friendly version of this model will soon be available here, which includes an example model run.  A user manual is available to download here:

Digibog Hydro User Manual