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Doctoral Research & Training Centre

The ongoing and primary aim of the centre is to maximise opportunities for new researchers to conduct high-quality research and obtain skills necessary to become experts in interdisciplinary water research. We are attracting people from all over the world who recognise the broad water research challenge to our society, as well as from across schools, faculties and institutions, where formal and informal links are made between otherwise separated disciplines. 

The water@leeds DRTC offers a wide variety of services to our postgraduate students. This includes:

  • Reports on events, news and trends via our monthly newsletter,
  • Bespoke training,
  • Providing a point-of-contact to useful resources,
  • Foster collaborations between students and water experts both within the University of Leeds and industry,
  • Regular networking meetings,
  • Employability support,
  • Promote individuals and groups successes on our water@leeds media,
  • Offering financial support to help postgraduates extend the scale and scope of their research projects.

We also offer advice, one-to-one coaching, writing support and assistance in getting familiarised with the university’s structure.

As part of the effort to identify funding opportunities for scholarships, the DRTC facilitates meetings and brings together great minds who could lead bids and accomplish strategies for enlarging the centre. Successes in past funding applications include traditional and non-traditional large grant applications.

The water@leeds DRTC offers services to our academic staff members by;

  • Identifying grants/funds
  • Support in grant writing
  • Approaching international governmental foundations
  • Developing marketing strategies to alumni, industries and non-academic sector

Our students say:

"We are a unique group of young researchers who are brought together to share expertise and research objectives related to water. The DRTC members are from all around the world, and represent a variety of water-related challenges.

Membership in the water@leeds DRTC is open to any University of Leeds PhD student who wishes to be associated with our centre, and whose research and interests align with the vision of water@leeds.

The water@leeds DRTC has access to all of the faculties and university events, courses and programmes. Our own activities and opportunities, such as the PGR SPRING fund and network meetings are an important resource. We are connected to external institutions which provide information and opportunities on topics which are relevant to our community.

water@leeds sends out monthly newsletters which contain various PGR opportunities.

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