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Industry Partnership Seed Funding

Our invitation to industry

We invite industry to partner with us

As world leaders in many areas of water innovation, we are very keen to work with partners to maximise the impact of our work and make a real difference to people’s lives.

water@leeds helps to develop innovative approaches for water-related applications. Tools and models can be designed in conjunction with partners in industry for a specific purpose.

Please get in touch to explore how we can help meet your business needs.  Contact us at

Seed Funding

We can offer Seed Funding to support exploration of Knowledge Exchange and new partnership activities that can progress towards new funding bids (e.g. Innovate UK) and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

The Seed funding can be used for activities such as proof of concept projects or market research and will comprise members of water@leeds and your business.

All projects for need to include a water@leeds academic collaborator. Successful applicants must provide an impact summary, describing the work undertaken and key outcomes to be developed in the future

Seed Funding application

Tell us your ideas by returning this form to  Seed Funding Application

If you would like to discuss your proposal beforehand, please contact our Associate Director for Impact,  Professor Paul Kay who leads business partnerships for water@leeds.

Our facilities

water@leeds has access to a broad range of facilities and analytical services throughout the University of Leeds.

Sorby Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Our facilities enable a wide interdisciplinary community to experiment upon a range of simulated natural processes, from flow-sediment transport links in alluvial channels, through the dispersal of sediment in the deep oceans, to particulate transport through pipes and rig vessels.

The University of Leeds Farm

Following millions of pounds of investment, the University of Leeds Farm is being developed as a digitally-connected smart farm and terrestrial observatory. The site hosts the recently opened National Pig Centre, a leading research facility for pig nutrition, behaviour, health and production system research.

Aire-Calder innovation catchment

The River Aire and River Calder arise in the Pennine hills, flowing through upland farmland to a number of former mill towns and the extensive urban area of the Leeds City Region before entering arable lowlands. The variety of land use and form within a relatively small area makes the catchment ideal...

What our partners say about us

Water@leeds is a big interdisciplinary centre with over 170 scientists working on all aspects of water use and treatment and that allows us to have a good interface with the water industry and make sure we are solving water industry problems...