SPRING – Supporting Postgraduate Research to Inspire the Next Generation

The SPRING award scheme: a postgraduate research funding competition open to all postgraduate research students whose research involves some aspect related to water. SPRING aims to provide additional research funds to research postgraduates to extend the scale and scope of their research projects. The water@leeds SPRING competition is now in the 7th year.

The competition is open to PGRs from any school or faculty of the University of Leeds: there are no disciplinary boundaries. Water does not have to be the central feature of your PhD but must be a part of the project for which you seek funding under this scheme. See details of previous award winners here.

See the SPRING form here.

The Next SPRING Competition

The following criteria should be considered before applying:

  • Awards are aimed to support PhD students who are struggling to resource funding for research activities.
  • Preference will be given to new research work: e.g not to fund conferences, travel (unless for field work that would not otherwise take place), training, publication costs etc.
  • Applicants must describe how this work will inform or contribute to their work, emphasising aspects of innovation and potential impact.
  • A breakdown of how the funds will be spent must be provided.
  • Only one application is permitted per year per student. Successful applicants are welcome to reapply but must explain how the submissions differ/what new areas will be explored. Unsuccessful applicants may resubmit but must ensure subsequent submissions respond to any feedback received or are significantly different from earlier submissions.
  • Successful applicants must provide a short paragraph within six months of the award, describing the work undertaken and including photographs, images and/or charts.

PLEASE NOTE the maximum that can be applied for is £500. Three to five awards will be made each round.

The competition runs twice a year.

Submissions will be judged on the basis of research quality, innovation/impact potential and financial need.

To enter please complete this form and return the completed form to water@leeds.ac.uk. Submissions received after 5pm on the closing dates will be rolled forward to the next competition.