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Freshwater Quality Projects


Environmental-Chemical-Organism MIXtures Project. Project lead: Professor Alistair Boxall (University of York); Project co-leaders: Professor Lorraine Maltby (University of Sheffield); Professor Sim Reaney (University of Durham);

LTLS-FE Freshwater Ecosystems

Analysis and future scenarios of long-Term and large-Scale freshwater quality and impacts. Led by Dr Victoria Bell and Dr Stephen Lofts, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology,


PAthways of Chemicals Into Freshwaters and their ecological ImpaCts (PACIFIC). Led by : Dr Daniel Read, UK Centre of Ecology & Hydrology, including partners University of Bath, University of Oxford, and the Environment Agency


Quantifying the combined nutrient enrichment, pathogenic, and ecotoxicological impacts of livestock farming on UK rivers. Led by Professor Penny Johnes, University of Bristol


Monitoring, Modelling and Mitigating Pollution Impacts In A Changing World: Science And Tools For Tomorrow’s Rivers. Led by Professor Andrew Tyler, University of Stirling.