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Water Connect

Thursday 15 - Friday 16 February, 2024, 16:00
Monterrey, Mexico / Hybrid

Knowledge Exchange Workshop

water@leeds in collaboration with the Sustainability and Climate Change Laboratory is hosting a knowledge exchange workshop.

We invite you to attend the hybrid sessions and participate in the discussion alongside our panels of experts.

Please register to receive the workshop link.


Thursday 15

10:00 MX/ 16:00 UK

  • Welcome message by the organizing team from ITESM and the University of Leeds (water@leeds)
  • Icebreaker: presentation by the participants in a one-slide format showcasing their expertise and research lines
  • “Emerging contaminants in the agro-ecosystem”
    Speaker: Dr. Laura Carter - University of Leeds
  • Unriddle the Trifecta: “Synergistic Interplay of Microplastics,
    Perpolyfluoroalkyls, and Endocrine Disruptors"
    Speaker: Dr. Manish Kumar -Tecnologico de Monterrey
  • Research and collaboration opportunities with the Water Science and Technology Research Group
    Speaker: Jurgen Mahlknecht - Tecnologico de Monterrey


Friday 16

10:00 MX/ 16:00 UK

  • Editor’s workshop
    Presented by: Bryan Brooks  (ACS) and Fabio Pulizzi (Nature Water)
  • “Success of CBRFP and opportunities for 2024”
    Speaker : Neil Hernández - Tecnologico de Monterrey

Discussion panel

  • “Guidelines and best practices for international collaboration: fundraising and proposals preparation”
    Speakers:  Dr Susannah Hopson (University of Leeds) and  Dr Reynaldo de la Cruz (Tecnologico de Monterrey)
  • Seed funding between Tecnologico de Monterrey and the University of Leeds
    Speaker: Jose Gonzalez (Tecnologico de Monterrey)


Organising committee:

Dr  Osiris Díaz Torres - Tecnologico de Monterrey

Dr Martín Esteban González López - Tecnologico de Monterrey

Dr Misael Sebastián Gradilla Hernández - Tecnologico de Monterrey

Dr Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez - water@leeds, University of Leeds