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water@leeds Annual Report 2023

snow capped mountains

The water@leeds Report 2023 is now live and available to read here.

We hope our report indicates some of the great work, vibrancy and diversity water@leeds brings.

Established in 2009, water@leeds draws together over 500 academics and postgraduates from across the University of Leeds to deliver excellent, internationally leading water science, technology and policy research. The diversity of our membership means water@leeds is a focus for delivering interdisciplinary water research and innovation, whilst maximising the effectiveness of water sector research funding.

water@leeds is now in its 15th year. Since its formation, it has been clear that challenge-led problems associated with water not only require coordinated approaches to deliver effective solutions but, by necessity, they require truly interdisciplinary ways of working.

Never has the need for interdisciplinary solutions to global water challenges been greater or more urgent.

          water@leeds Directors, Joseph Holden and Martin Tillotson.

As global attention, rightly, turns towards achieving the goals established by the 2015 Paris Agreement and achieving net zero, it is as important as ever to recognise the central role water plays in this effort, and that as a society we can only achieve these targets through due consideration of water.

We are confident that water@leeds will continue to play an important international part in this effort, working with our global collaborators.