Dr Pazit Ziv

Dr Pazit Ziv, is the water@leeds Doctoral Training Centre (DRTC) Manager. The w@l interdisciplinary DRTC, with over 150 PhD students, is unique in its research expertise capacity, topics breadth, international divergence which overviews the current and pressing water challenges world-wide. Pazit had developed the DRTC to its’ size today, with aspirations to grow PhD student numbers towards 100 new students per year through funding applications, building collaborations with industry, and resource allocation. Pazit has created a platform for the University of Leeds’ postgraduates working in water-related fields from all disciplines and departments. Pazit specialises in identifying match-funding and translating projects to funding criteria. Pazit holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and has extensive experience of R&D project management in the water industry (waste water treatment technologies) as well as EU applications.