water@leeds tour University of Leeds (UoL) Plant Growth Suite with visiting researcher from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

During the first week in December 2016 Dr Christian Berretta (UoL – Civil Engineering), Andrea Aiello (UoL – Civil Engineering), Kara Hazelgrave (UoL – water@leeds) arranged to join visiting researcher Dr Ankit Garg (IIT – Civil Engineering) on a tour of the UoL Plant Growth Suite (PGS) facilities, thanks to Suite Managers Lance Penketh (UoL – PGS) and Fiona Moulton (UoL – PGS). The purpose of the tour was to explore the potential to use the PGS facilities for future research into soil-plant-water interactions in urban green infrastructures for sustainable stormwater management.

Please contact Dr Christian Berretta if you would like to find out more about plans for collaboration between water@leeds and IIT.  Please contact the Plant Growth Suite Managers, Lance Penketh and Fiona Moulton to find out more about using these facilities.

Main image: Lance Penketh, Dr Ankit Garg, Andrea Aiello and Dr Christian Berretta discuss the potential to use the PGS for future research in urban green infrastructures for storm-water management.
(Photograph: Kara Hazelgrave)

by Kara Hazelgrave, Research & Innovation Development Manager