Student Spotlight May 2020: Alesia Ofori Dedaa

Our monthly spotlight on the work and lives of the next generation of water@leeds researchers. This month we introduce:

Alesia Ofori Dedaa

PhD Project Title: Political Ecology of Water-Mining Nexus
School: School of Politics and International Studies
Supervisors: Prof Anna Mdee  School of Politics and International Studies,
Dr James Van Alstine School of Earth and Environment


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and the inspiration for your research.

I grew up in a small valley town in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Growing up I was awed by the forest and mountain that surrounded our town, sandwiching us in between. The town is surrounded by mountains and hills which were also hotspots for bauxite mining.

This is where my research interest and passion for water and mining commenced.

Over the years, this research interest has been groomed by events that occurred during my undergraduate and Masters studies. Before starting my PhD, I completed a Masters in Sustainable Forest Management from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver-Canada) as a Mastercard Scholar. I also worked as a freelance researcher, focusing particularly on agriculture and gender in East and Southern Africa with the Overseas Development Institute and Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania. Currently, my PhD research intends to unpack the political complexities embedded within water and mining through an interdisciplinary approach.

Q: Why did you choose Leeds?

My decision to study in Leeds was fuelled particularly by my mentor and principal supervisor whose advice and guidance had seen me progress in my research career. Leeds is one of the few global Universities that provide the necessary resources to support interdisciplinary research and studies. When I applied to Leeds, I was impressed by the assistance I received throughout the application, admission and sponsorship process.

Q: What is your advice to prospective students?

My advice for prospective PhD students is to research not only their research subject but research also on your potential supervisors and department. Supportive supervisors, consistency and diligence get most of the PhD work done.

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