Plastics and Circular Economy Report

Dr Costas Velis together with a team of experts around Europe recently published a report ‘A Circular economy for plastics’ which examines the various issues surrounding the plastics value chain from production and use to final disposal, including research and innovation requirements to policy and funding interventions. According to the authors, although Europe is currently addressing the plastic problem through its current Circular Economy Package initiative, much still needs to be done in order to turn the challenges posed by plastic recycling into opportunities, which, if successful, could be shared not just within the EU but also globally.

This report, released by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (European Commission), also adds to the commission’s efforts towards a circular economy for plastics by strengthening the science-policy interface based on scientific evidence. Although this report does not aim to cover all aspects of the plastics system, the insights gathered in this report aim to support in the transition towards a circular economy for plastics.

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