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water@leeds, the Priestley Centre for Climate Futures and Opera North are delighted to present MELTWATER at Howard Assembly Room, Leeds at 7.30pm 27 September 2023.

In the last two decades the rate at which the polar ice caps is melting has doubled.

MELTWATER is an audio-visual performance which takes as its inspiration the sights and sounds of that melting, from running streams to crashing ice. In this haunting performance, that awesome beauty is set against water’s devastating power through personal narratives of the impact of flood and drought.

Sound and field recordings, performed by Duncan Chapman, and footage of melting glaciers by Richard Sidey, will be accompanied by a world class ensemble featuring Indian classical vocalist Supriya Nagarajan, Lucy Nolan on harp, Karin De Fleyt on flute and Simon Limbrick on marimba.

Created by Nagarajan, MELTWATER is the culmination of the Terrarium project, which engaged communities in Dewsbury and India on water’s twin roles as determinant and destroyer of life.

Join us for a post-show talk from Dr Natasha Barlow, an Associate Professor of environmental and sea-level change, and Prof Duncan Quincey, Professor of Glaciology at the University of Leeds.

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Image: Margerie Glacier by Kimberly Vardeman, licensed under CC BY 2.0