Confluence 2018

water@leeds recently held a successful Confluence 2018 last 27th September at the Edward Boyle meeting room. Addressing the event, water@leeds Directors Professor Joe Holden and Professor Martin Tillotson presented the achievements of the group and highlighted the four main missions of water@leeds.

This was then followed by an introduction from the new Associate Directors (Dr Anna Mdee, Dr Julia Martin-Ortega, Dr Miller Alonso Camargo-Valero, and Dr James Stark). Later on, participants were organised into groups as part of the launch of the “Top 100 Global Water Research Questions”.

water@leeds organised the yearly confluence to showcase the breadth of interdisciplinary water research topics as presented by its members. This includes 3-minute lightning talks which included a wide mix of water-related research work such as Addi Man’s inspiring sustainable kayak adventure along the Leeds and Liverpool canal; Chris Lyon’s fascinating interdisciplinary work on the importance of Phosphorus in the UK agriculture and UK food system; and Dr Eric Peterson’s exciting research on water-electricity specifically in urban heat islands.

Those who tool part in the lightning talks were:

Thom Cooper
Long Lin
Tom Kent
Addi Manolopoulou
Alesia Ofori Dedaa
Christopher Lyon
Eric Peterson
Gabriel Isboli
Karen Bacon
Mark Bernhofen
Sally Russell
Rachel Proudfoot
Tess Somervell
Anya Schlich-Davies
Amirul Khan
Claudia Fernanda Castro Faccetti
Stephanie Bond
Bart Creeze
Finn Barlow-Duncan
Daniela Portella Sampaio
Laura Carter
Stephanie Bradbeer
Jonathan Tobutt
Timothy Hunter
Lata Narayanaswamy
Andy Turner

Keynote speaker, Professor Adrian McDonald, also gave an entertaining talk about the current drivers of research requirements in the water industry. The water@leeds management team concluded the event by presenting their plans for the 10th year anniversary in which Confluence participants were encouraged to sign up. water@leeds Coordinator, Dr. Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez added, “Next year’s event is going to be packed with exciting activities and is set to be absolutely unforgettable.”