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Water Woman Inspirational Event

Monday 19 June 2023, 12.00

Every Water Woman Award cycle we celebrate with an inspirational event, but this year is extra special because, as you might remember, we were awarded the Research Culture Award, so this event will be about celebrating.

About this event 

The event is planned for 2 hours (12-2pm including lunch) and will be very informal. The aim is to have a fun time in a safe space. We want this event to be a space where we can inspire each other.


  • 12:00- 12:10 Welcome and housekeeping – Professor Julia Martin-Ortega
  •  12:10- 12:40  2023 Winners panel  -Be inspired by our Water Woman Award winners. Join us for a panel session in which award winners will share their experience and lessons learned.
  • 12:40-13:20 Speed dating lunch
  • 13:20- 13:55 Collective mural - We invite all attendees to participate in a collective mural to express themselves in a creative way
  • 13:55-14:00 What next for the Water Woman Award

University women staff from all career stages are invited to participate in the forum.

If you wish to attend, please let us know and indicate your dietary requirements by completing this form.