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Water Knowledge Exchange Hub Webinar

Tuesday 14 July 2020, 13:00 GMT +1

Global Water Partnership Tanzania and water@leeds are currently undertaking a collaborative effort to establish a Water Knowledge Exchange Hub in Tanzania that will serve both the East and Southern Africa Region.

The Water Knowledge Exchange Hub will directly contribute to building local institutional capacities as well as providing a platform for other partners to access credible integrated information on research, policy and practice in the water sector. It is also acknowledged that Development Partners and bilateral agencies are increasingly trying to co-ordinate their efforts and work from the reality of local context and hence operationalization of such a Knowledge Exchange Hub will provide one of the credible reference points for anchoring interventions in the water sector.

The main objective of the webinar is to (i) present the results/outcome of the survey (ii) unveil the bigger vision of the water knowledge hub.

This Zoom Webinar will engage expert stakeholders in the Tanzania water sector in discussing challenges in developing and accessing evidence based research. This will also be a platform to discuss the potentials and opportunities available to the new water Knowledge Exchange Hub.

We have invited stakeholders from UNICEF-Tanzania, Ministry of Water Tanzania and the University of Dar es Salaam.

For more information please contact Alesia Ofori at