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Visit from AMBIENTA CEO Federico Julián

Thursday 20 September 2018
Seminar Room 1-7.36 Garstang, School of Geography
Date and Time
Thursday 20th September, 13:00

The aims of the visit are to discuss potential collaborations with AMBIENTA and to promote future engagement between AMBIENTA and water@leeds‐Leeds University

Tentative Agenda

12:00 Welcome meeting with Gabriela Lopez

13:00 Seminar ‘AMBIENTA’s close to market research projects and opportunities for collaboration with United Kingdom and water@leeds’

15:00 University Tour/ one‐one meetings

Federico Julian,  AMBIENTA Technical Director, and responsible for the internationalization strategy of the company in Chile and the EU. Federico has previously participated and managed several Spanish Research and Innovation projects in the field of natural resources management (Pinarex, Prateco, Dasolidar), natural protected areas (Tajo International Natural Park) and river restoration (Gescuencas). Currently coordinates four national projects of agricultural and environmental innovation, with strong components of land management and integration of agriculture and the rural environment (Evarhis, Datagrass, Ecopraderas, Cereal Agua).

AMBIENTA ( is a private Spanish SME, founded in 2006, with a great deal of experience in all kinds of engineering activities for the protection of the rural and natural environments and in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

Four years ago, AMBIENTA began the internationalization process, studying international funds to be able to apply through national and international consortiums. In this area, AMBIENTA has its objectives in the preparation of proposals for H2020 Social Challenge 2 and 5, and the European program of nature conservation projects, LIFE Nature. The search for reliable international partners for this type of proposals and programs is one of the objectives of the visit to the University of Leeds.

If you would like to meet Federico Julian please email Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez (