Dr Shimaa Wahba Meawad

Shimaa studied Economics at Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt, from where she graduated in 2007. Shimaa now is a lecturer in Economic Department at Helwan University, and she is currently in a post-doc scholarship for 6 months to the University of Leeds.
Shimaa’s PhD thesis is titled: “Economic Effects for Orientation towards a Green Economy with Reference to Egypt”. The study provides 4 game theoretical models, with four proposed fiscal schemes to green energy, water, agriculture and fisheries sectors. It concludes that, if the government uses the four proposed fiscal schemes to green the four sectors, the final consumer (if rational) will prefer acting with sustainability, and this will maximise the overall utilities for both. Research Interests

Food, Energy, and Water Nexus, Sustainable Development, Environmental Fiscal Reforming, and virtual water calculations. Also, she is interested in using the following methods:
Regression Models &Time Series Analysis
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Game Theory
System Dynamic Simulations.
Input –Output Model