water@leeds Annual Report 2019-20 now online

The water@leeds Annual Report is now on line and interactive here.

The report features articles written by water@leeds researchers, illustrating our 4 core missions and how this research is linked to our global analysis of the Top 100 Water Research Questions.

We hope it gives you just a small flavour of our recent activity and that you will continue to keep in touch with us, as we work in partnership to bring people together from many disciplines to deliver high quality research that tackles water issues around the world.

In 2019 water@leeds celebrated its 10th birthday, and since then the water@leeds community within the University of Leeds has grown ten-fold over the last decade as members from different disciplines have joined forces to work on new projects and solve water issues and as we have attracted new PhD researchers from around the world to join us.

Our work is global. When we launched water@leeds we produced a co-designed report with non-academic stakeholders on the top 100 water research questions in the UK. This report helped direct some of our early research activity so that we could ensure we delivered research with impact.

Ten years on and water@leeds has produced over 5000 publications, delivered over 330 new research projects and worked with over 1000 partners in 143 countries. Two thirds of our research outputs are internationally co-authored. Our projects and events have brought together and hosted large communities of academics and non-academics including presidents/leaders of countries.

This year we have launched a global analysis of the top 100 water research questions. We thank all those from around the world who have contributed and we hope it will drive us all forward to address these water challenges together over the next 10 years.

Professors Joseph Holden and Martin Tillotson, Directors, water@leeds