Upcoming opportunity to scope Strategic Programme Areas (SPAs) for NERC

NERC announced in February that they will scope two new areas for potential large-scale strategic research investments:

•    Enhancing the resilience of UK peatlands
•    Designing future landscapes for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Calls for community members to join scoping groups for these potential SPAs will open shortly, and the scoping groups will work to deliver full cases for assessment and so that funding decisions can be completed by autumn 2017.

Open announcements of opportunity for research proposals will follow, for any strategic programme that is approved.  It is possible that neither of these potential SPAs will result in funded programmes.
We will highlight this opportunity again once the call has opened.  If you would like to know more about University wide activity regarding these calls please contact Kara Hazelgrave (K.Hazelgrave@leeds.ac.uk) or Helen Pickard.