CatchX web platform Global Launch

CatchX global platform was officially launched last 11 February 2019 by the School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds and Earthwatch Europe. CatchX platform is a global web-based catchment hydrological information platform that allows scientists, water stewards and non-expert users to easily access and visualise hydrological information for river catchment level water management and stewardship.

Designed by a core research team which includes 6 investigators from the University of Leeds, Earthwatch Institute and Rhodes University, the CatchX web-platform allows universal access to cutting-edge scientific data in any river catchment globally. The most appropriate global hydrology datasets currently available have been selected and processed into 57,646 catchments.

The UK Natural Environment Research Council (Grant number NE/P016812/1) funded platform allows users, without needing specialist skills, to interrogate the datasets in their catchment in order to visualise water balance information, explore trends and compare with other catchments. water@leeds member Dr Mark Trigg adds “The CatchX global platform launch needs to shared as widely as possible as we would love for people to be aware of this incredible new resource and provide us with  feedback to make it even more useful”.

The CatchX web-platform was also featured on the 2018 water@leeds Annual Report. The project page with overview and full reports can also be found here.