water@leeds DRTC welcome event 2017

  • Date:
  • Time: 12:00-13:30
  • Location: School of Geography, Garstang Building Seminar Room 1 (7.36), Level 7, Entry Level
  • RSVP: water@leeds.ac.uk

Dear water@leeds DRTC members,

We are delighted to invite you over to our 3rd water@leeds DRTC welcome event.

Celebrating the beginning of the new academic year, meeting new and familiar faces (over lunch).

Please join us by RSVP to water@leeds.ac.uk


What to expect:

  • Informal meeting with the water@leeds team (Directors; Joe and Martin, Jane, Gaby, Kara, Pazit)
  • Ask us questions, meet each other, suggest ideas, and all of this – over lunch.
  • A chance to learn about water@leeds ,what we do and how we operate
  • A chance to understand why your participation in the DRTC is actually significant to your research group success as well as to the university of Leeds as a whole
  • Learn on opportunities such as – a Global Water Challenge at Leeds – a co-authored peer review article and meeting series
  • Voice your opinions and suggestions for the up-coming year

Please spread the event across in your schools and faculties.

Do you have potential members in your research group/School/Faculty that you think might want to be involved? – let them know that we will happily introduce ourselves and explain the essence of the vivid w@l DRTC community.


Each year, we at w@l Doctoral Research and Training Centre (DRTC), explore new PhD students who have started their study at any faculty at the University of Leeds. PhD students with a potential research title which involved WATER, are welcome to join our research centre. Being a member in our centre is free and it does not mean that your research must include water per-se. You could be from any discipline; meteorology, applied mathematics, biodiversity, flood management, health and sanitation, engineering, environment, biological sciences, history, policy, materials, chemicals, sensors, and more!




The w@l DRTC runs its’ own newsletter, where we write on new opportunities and celebrate members’ successes. You can contribute and write yourself! We have our internal competition – the SPRING competition, in which you can earn £500 for your research fund. We even host poster-evening and ~3 networking events per year. We provide assistance in skills and bespoke training.

water@leeds is the largest interdisciplinary research centre in the world!

Come join us. It’s fun and it’s free.