Valuing Water: beyond technocratic, economic and bureaucratic agendas

  • Date:
  • Time: 13:00
  • Location: Zoom - email to request zoom link
Webinar on water value organised by Associate Director for water@leeds Professor Anna Mdee, School of Politics and International Studies and Dr Nicolas Salazar Sutil, School of Performance and Cultural Industries.

The recent water@leeds Confluence showed that interest in social sciences, arts and humanities approaches to water is growing. This seminar is aimed at bringing colleagues working at the University of Leeds, or research collaborators, to share work, stimulate discussion and open up research connections. The event will feature the following short presentations: 

Nicolas Salazar Sutil (School of Performance and Cultural Industries) – Imbibing, or how to drink water 

Anna Mdee (School of Politics and International Studies) – Power in the waterscape and the failure of SDG6 

 Pedi Obani (United Nations University) – Human rights to water and sanitation- what are the possibilities for action? 

 Sarah Cooper (School of Politics and International Studies)- The emotions of water security 

 Charlie Dannreuther (School of Politics and International Studies) Valuing open water swimming 

Colin Mackie (School of Law) and Markus Fraundorfer (School of Politics and International Studies) – Reflections on legal personhood for rivers 

Photograph: Lake Chad by Nicolas Salazar Sutil.