Introduction to Transition Innovation and Engineering

This event is free, but spaces are limited so registration is mandatory and must be completed before 5pm 16th May.

The Problem.

“Business as Usual is not an Option” means that decision makers must find a different trajectory of change that’s consistent with the Forward Operating Environment, rather than one based on incremental improvement on the existing system. Short term solutions will no longer deliver long term success.

People responsible for complex engineered systems, including buildings, heating and cooling systems, water management, transport and others, need tools to help them understand how to make these systems work in a future with different constraints of energy supply, climate change, resource availability and quality.

These are wicked problems: difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognise.

The route to solutions.

Transition Engineering is a set of thinking tools developed to enable engineers, with other professionals and decision makers, to THINK DIFFERENTLY to design adaptations for complex systems that will work long term. Built round a simple, robust process it enables identification of resilient solutions and the right technological change.

System Dynamics: understanding how complex systems interact with external change.

Innovation and Change: identifying change paths that lead to better solutions

Implementation and Change Programmes: how to make it all real

Who this will help.

Academics will appreciate the new thinking and radical “path break” solutions.

Government Officials will find effective long term solutions to wicked problems involving the built environment, energy systems, transport systems and others.

Engineers will be able to develop better technological solutions

Managers responsible for engineered systems long term will see the future more clearly


From 10:00-16:00 you will follow a thinking path that you may not have followed before. We will apply Transition Engineering thinking to a problem defined by the participants, and use it as a case study during the few hours we have together.

At the end of the day you will have some starting points to follow up that will lead you towards feasible and long term solutions that you may never have thought of otherwise.

All participants must be there from the start to be able to follow the thinking journey.


This event is free, but spaces are limited so registration is mandatory and must be completed before 5pm 16th May.