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Global Flood Partnership Annual Meeting 2022

Tuesday 6 - Thursday 8 September, 2022, 9.00
Hosted by water@leeds at the University of Leeds

water@leeds is delighted to be hosting the Global Flood Partnership Annual Meeting 2022.

The Global Flood Partnership is a cooperation framework between scientific organisations and flood disaster managers worldwide to develop flood observational and modelling infracstructure, leveraging on existing initiatives for better predicting and managing flood disaster impacts and flood risk globally.

Each year, floods cause devastating losses and damage across the world. Growing populations in ill-planned flood-prone coastal and riverine areas are increasingly exposed to weather extremes. With more lives and assets at risk, governments, banks, international development and relief agencies, and private firms are increasingly investing in flood reduction measures.

However, in many countries, the flood risk is not managed optimally due to the lack of data and scientific methods or communication gaps between science and risk managers.

The Global Flood Partnership is a multi-disciplinary group of scientists, operational agencies and flood risk managers focused on developing efficient and effective global flood tools that can address these challenges. Its aim is to establish a partnership for global flood forecasting, monitoring and impact assessment to strengthen preparedness and response and to reduce global disaster losses.

The Global Flood Partnership is a community of researchers and practitioners from various world countries and institutions including international organizations, the private sector, national authorities, universities, governmental research agencies and no-profit organizations.

The GFP is made of people who join on a voluntary basis to contribute and benefit from a global network focused on flood risk reduction. As of 2017, more than 300 people from 6 continents are registered to the GFP mailing list and more than 90 organizations were represented during the GFP Annual Meetings.